The best part of today's game

At least, the most entertaining.

As the Lions were leaving the field after warm-ups through the east end zone, one of Setta's towering punts landed smack on top of Jason Jiminez' helmet.

was Leaving for My Timmy's Coffie
Thank god only 3 Home Games Left.

was changing the channel to the weather channel

lol :lol:

Another fairweather fan? :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

I didn't watch much of the game today.

I don't like reruns.



The best part of todays game was that I had a committment elsewhere. I taped the game and watched it at highspeed. It looked very familiary to other games I have seen.

I'm suprised nobody mentioned this but, the best part of this game was the band a half time.

They had way more intensity and passion for their performance than the Ticats did.

Printers looked absolutley horibble - yes the end were no help either. Somewhere along the line in this short week the wheels fell off. Too many mistakes to count. Lumsden looked abosultey pissed why he did not have a chance to play more ....... Cahrkie looked like he had a very slow burn going since the opening SCREEN PASS Buck Pierce threw. Hard to watch to but as a said in another thread - patience - patience - patience.

The best part about the game for me was...

  • After the game was over I was still able to catch the end of the Notre Dame game.