The Best of the Signature Uniforms

In announcing the plan for the Signature uniforms, the CFL used the following words and phrases:
"Bold and exciting innovative looks" "
"Each one tells a story about its team, what it stands for and the fans who stand with it."
"The CFL is poised for a bright and bold future. These new uniforms capture that spirit and reflect our momentum>"

Now that we've seen all of them worn in games, which one best hit those targets?

I say Montreal.

MTL and WPG tied into their team names' history and colours. SSK (wheat & green), OTT (lumberjack plaid, saw blade & red, black, white), and HAM (steel & black and gold) tied into their area's history and team colours. TOR and EDM only tied into their logos and long-standing team colours. BC was certainly bold and innovative, very attractive up close, but also very impractical. CAL just built on their continuing taking over of Ottawa's colours, but topped it off with the best of the helmets.

4 Eskimos
8 Redblacks

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So now that they are all out, here are my Uniform Rankings and Jersey Rankings. The Uniform rankings are for the full player uni, meaning helmet, pants and Jersey, and then just the jersey rankings as we fans don't tend to buy Football pants.

Uniform Rankings

Hamilton - Slick Black on Stealthy Steel Grey with numbers that stand out. A nod to Steeltown history, a nod to the great teams of the 60s with the helmet numbers, everything is easy to see, helmet logo and grey tigers are a new cool look. Probably some bias on this one though, being a Hamilton fan. Uni Rank: 1 Jersey Rank: 1

Calgary - Super slick helmet, pistol logos replacing the snorting horse help hide the fact that the jersey is a rehash of the Ottawa Renegades uniforms. Uni Rank: 2 Jersey Rank: 4

BC - These uniforms are slick, the gun metal does give it a good look, but the black, hard to see numbering is a big con for me, but whatever. Needs more orange and white. Uni Rank: 3 Jersey Rank: 2

Toronto - Give credit where credit is due, the powder blue look with the darker blue on white gives these jersey's an appearance the works. It's rare that a team can make a White Helmet work. The downside, front logos have no place in Football. Uni: Rank 4, Jersey Rank: 5

Montreal - I think the Grey of the Jersey needs to be a shade lighter, and the trim on the numbers changed to red, but all in all, I like it. The helmet though has WAY too much going on and a bit more red on the pants would be nice. Uni Rank: 5 Jersey Rank: 3

Edmonton - Alright, look. I know it's hard with colors of Green and Gold to do something innovative with your uniform. Even harder when you consider you don't associate either Green or Gold with the arctic dwelling inuit. Maybe some kind of polar white, add some Grey for something new, with keeping the Green and Gold to the trim? Maybe some kind of new alternate logo, like an Inuit Harpoon? (although I know you have to tread carefully, so no Seal Hook). I don't know, I'm not a designer. Instead, we get another awful front logo on a generic Green Jersey with generic pants and a bigger double EE logo on the helmet. Why bother having a sig if it looks so much like the normal uniform? Uni: 6 Jersey 8

Saskatchewan - Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of giving the Riders another shade of green, and on just the jersey I like the blitz green wheat. If I was a Rider fan and I wasn't going to get it personalized, I'd probably buy this jersey. One can't help but wonder if the Rider store would let you go with regular white numbers on it? However, that god awful wheat texture on the number just spoils the whole look of the jersey. As far as the uni, yea...that wheat helmet is ridiculous, excessive and lacks the logo. Decent job on the pants though. Uni: Rank 7 Jersey Rank : 6

Ottawa - The Plaid in the jersey being subdued is just the right amount that works. The giant white logo on the front (for a Team called the RedBlacks) does not. This could have been a great jersey had they just stuck to front numbers (and maybe black numbers...although I think white on an alt works). As far as the uniform as a whole, the logoless, plaid helmet is so stupid. I mean, it turns the uniform from history to humor. The only way it could have been funnier to look at, is if they added a toque ball onto the top of the helmet. Uni: 8 Jersey 7

Winnipeg - First off, that's not camo, it's triangles for one, it's blue for another (and most airplane camo tends towards black for night flying or grey for reduced visibility on runways & hangars). The logoless helmet makes my head shake, the lack of Bomber gold is sad, and the front, most uninspired logo in the CFL is exactly where it doesn't belong. Sorry Winnipeg fans, you need to go back to the lightening bolt, and ask for some lightening texture with gold thrown in, that would be a marked improvement. Uni Rank: 9 Jersey Rank: 9

The “Official” review:

The Lions and REDBLACKS shine - The Argos and Riders don’t

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lol RedBlacks

i get the Argos being at the bottom. they should have lace and frills on the uniform to go along with the baby blew


sorry to quote my own post here but if someone with photoshop skills can make the lace/frills on an argo uniform i’d be forever appreciative

Is this close enough for ya :smiley: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy: I think little Ricky Ray would look sooo cute wearing this uni. :rockin: :rockin:

can we photo shop that pic with Arhol players. that, as the kids say, would be epic.

let me save that one first though.. heynow!

Too much frigging black, designer uniforms...hmmm, black + a strip of XXX. BC is orange, so we give them black. Calgary is Red, so we give them black. Ottawa is black, so we give Montreal is blue and red so we give them grey (but I liked the uniform), Hamilton is black and gold so we give them black and, well, nothing. Winnipeg and Saskatchewan just plain ugly, Edmonton was ok. I can design a black uniform (oh, but it is a different shade of black...YAK).

I was excited about hearing about these "designer" uniforms and was looking forward to buying one, but in the end I think they are going to be going on the clearance rack very shortly. I did buy a book of commemorative Ti-cat stamps though.

So to sum up: THEY SUCK!

I'm with you, Tabbyfan. I don't mind the helmets, but I hate the new uniforms. With the frilly shoulder areas,
the players look ready for ballet, not football.

A step backwards. :thdn:

By far the worst attempt to create an alternative jersey. Nothing but a money grab for Reebok. I prefer the Nike NCAA uniforms, at least there is some sort of theme. Since when did Hamilton ever have "grey" on their uniforms? Absolute crap.