The Best Games So Far

Well I thought that, finally, all the games this weekend were good. Playoff intensity and talent were on display. I really do wish the pass interference challenge would go away. I said at the beginning that this would be a disaster. In fact I wish all replay would disappear.

But that aside I thought these were the best package of games we've seen this year. Took awhile.

One thing that was evident was how important special teams are. It seemed like 3 of the 4 games were decided by either great special team play or mistakes on ST. Probably one can say that great plays are often a result of a mistake on the other side.

Was thinking the same thing.
Lots's of scoring for the 3 games and even with the Ticat game it was also intense going down to the last minute.
Still though I was at the Crap dome to watch my Argos, way too many penalties for all of the games.
The league has to order the zebras to hold back on the stupid calls.

No. They have to keep calling them until the players stop taking them. They will stop eventually because the coaches will demand that they do.

Just like 10 years ago when the NHL cracked down on restraining fouls, suddenly the clutch-and-grab went down and the game opened up. Too bad the panty-waist NHL won't do the same with cheap shots.

THIS! Get rid of video replay in its entirety. :thup:

sure, then we could complain even more about “bad” reffing ruining a game, because no wrong calls got overturned.

Why? So there can be 12 threads a week complaining about officiating instead of a couple.

People need to watch some NFL to see this is normal. Heck, watch the game that is on right now, and you have seen 2 of the worst calls imaginable, perhaps 3.

Because an official who gets it wrong with one look at full speed as it happens can be forgiven a mistake, but a guy in a comfy chair in front of a bank of video monitors that can watch as many times as he wants, from many angles, fast, slow, freeze frame should be fired for getting wrong what is clearly on the screen in front of him.

People on here debate and can't agree on a lot of calls, so you expect that a replay guy is going to get it correct every time? Interesting.

Absolutely. The video is perfectly clear EVERY TIME and it shows one of three things; video supports the call, video over turns the call, video is inconclusive. The fact that there is so much debate on here about video review calls is proof that the officials making the calls are not competent enough to be doing it or the system is unmanageable. Either way, if they can't look at a piece of video and make the correct choice of those three over 95% of the time why are they introducing a system that just allows for more error to enter the game.


competent? Really? Please, do tell us all of a sport where refs are perfect. You expect far too much. And as for debating, I refereed to replays. People on here can't agree on them, so you expect the reviewer to get it perfect? You need to step into reality and have more realistic expectations. If perfection from refs and replays is an expectation I would highly recommend taking up a new hobby outside of watching sports. Every league is like this.

I expect different things from on field officials and Video review officials. From the on field guys I expect consistency, effort and knowledge of the rules. Mistakes will be made because of the nature of their job. Honest mistakes made because of a poor angle of sight, sight line blocked by players, speed of game and only one look can be forgiven. On field officials will make mistakes, that's the nature of sports officiating and while fans still complain (and players and coaches) we accept they will happen and hope to minimize them as much as possible.

A video review official has no excuse. The video is on a screen in front of him. He can view it fast or slow, freeze framed, many times from many angles and a specific part of the screen can be enlarged. There is absolutely no excuse for blowing a call under those circumstances. None.

I have realistic expectations and it is realistic to expect a man in front of a bank of video monitors to get the call correct. Every time. No mistakes. Period. If the video reviewer can not be correct any more often than the on field officials then what exactly is the point of having them?

As a mentor once said to me
"Perfection is the enemy of good"

And like I said, people on here can not agree on most of those so I don't see how someone can expect a replay official to get it right every time. Have there been some that I thought they got wrong...of course. Have there been some I thought the got right and lots of others thought they got wrong...of course. Perfection in this situation is not even definable, so I am not sure how one can still expect it.

Then what is the purpose of a system that is no more accurate (I would argue less accurate) than the officials on the field? What gets accomplished beyond delaying the game, killing the flow and stalling momentum?

Actually, unless the rules changed since last year, the video replay judge also has the opportunity to make a call that was missed by the official but not part of the challenge. In the Edmonton/Toronto game, Ricky Ray was being sacked and flicked the ball to the ground. The officials called it incomplete, Edmonton challenged that it was a fumble. I believe the correct call and the one confirmed by replay should have been intentionally grounding.

They won't call intentional grounding unless it is full range of passing motion typically. The exception to that is if a guy is hit, going down and throws it to nowhere (not past LOS, now eligible target). On this play he was going for the pass and it came out...definitely not intentional. That was definitely a borderline one and could have went either way on fumble or not, but as he was arguably in forward passing motion and hit the incomplete pass result call was made. This is seen often.

I was gonna say something to that effect. If we all see all the replays and do not all see it the same way, then they get the call both correct and incorrect everytime, according to each ones opinion. Should someone get fired because of "Some" peoples opinion of their work?

DC, why don't you apply to be the guy we all get to sit back and judge as incompetent, cause no matter how you call it, some will say you suck.

I brought that play up as an example of how the replay judge has another option, not to necessarily debate the call, which in this case had no bearing whatsoever on the result.

There are too many plays that are being flagged by the coaches then, gone to the video replay system. This is extending game times by up to one half hour. On Double bills often those viewing have missed 20 to 30 minutes of the second game. The PI calls are especially lengthy. I believe there should be a limit on how many of these a coach can request- perhaps 2 flag calls per team. The use of such calls should be limited- perhaps to scoring plays only. The general impression I receive from those posting is that there too many of these situations and, the vast majority of such in unneeded. This is indeed an area of concern and, this system should be reviewed by the league at season's end as, limitations of this system is required.