The Best Fans in the CFL.

So i was looking at the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Forum Index just now, and we surpass all of the other teams fans postings by far! Even Saskatchewan who apparently has amazing fans. Does this mean we are the best? Especially since we have had crappy seasons for the past 3 years, and we still have more than all of them?

I still think Hamilton has the best fans. And yes, it's a biased opinion.

As for the postings, though, keep in mind that the Ticats right now has so many issues right now as far as success. So people are anxious to see how they do. As result, more discussions will take place on the forums.

you do realize that every other team has separate fan sites. Ticats are the only ones to blend with This makes your conclusion flawed. nice try though. Keep that enthusiasm :thup:

I've heard a number of people say, from fan to pro, that Hamilton fans are the most knowledgeable and understand the game better than anywhere else, on average. I've also heard from Saskatchewan fans that we're just as wild as they are. And I'd say we're tamer than we were even 5 or so years ago. So yeah, I'd say we certainly appreciate football better than all the rest.

Connoisseurs of football, if you will

The more fair statement would be the best fans with internet access.. - 1,080,228 posts
ourbombers - 142372 (in just their main forum)
esksfans - 141,477 (in just their main forum) - 137399
gostampsgo - 126,333

too lazy to look up the rest but safe to say, not so best, if you going to use internet posting numbers.

OTOH - I have lots of respect for ticat fans for other reasons.

I guess the best fans are the ones that complain the most too :wink:

Number of posts is a relative thing.

How many times has our site changed and count numbers have started again from zip.

You'd need to take the number of posts per year ,really who cares???

The best fans I've seen live travelling in my younger days are those damn Sask. Rider fans ....they really are something ,very positive fun loving fans.

They are the best CFL fans by a prairie mile!!!!!

Well, I wouldn't go by posts.

Whenever Hamilton is in Montreal, there's a lot of Ti-Cat fans walking around downtown. Same with Saskatchewan, every season, we meet a group who travelled to Montreal to see the game, they say it's a reason to visit Montreal, if that's a reason to visit Montreal, then I would say, great fans.

When I think of CFL crazy fans, Hamilton and Saskatchewan both come to mind.

It's fair to say, their the best fans in their respective conferences.

numbers of fans count
fan base in other cities count
attendance number count

but to me, the best fans are the most civilized fans. Those who can support their own team without having to hate another. Those who stick with their team win or lose. Those who can enjoy attending games without getting drunk andor making an ass of themselves. Those who most create good FAMILY environment. Those are the best fans.

We're right up there with Winnipeg in that category.

I'd still have to say Sask fans are the best after being at the Grey Cup.

We're talking about best fans not the most boring fans lol. If the games not going well then I rely on fans making asses of themselves as my main source of entertainment. :wink:

Keep in mind Saskatchewaners have more time on their hands than we do. :wink:

If you are a CFL fan then you're OK in my books (even the blue team supporters). Grey Cup last year is one of my best sporting memories. It wasn't the game itself, but interacting with fellow CFLers and celebrating our national passion.

Oskie Wee Wee!

Can't see how many posts on a web site makes for the best fans. Just proves that there isn't a lot to do when the season is over other than talk football.

Real fans are the ones who go to game after game for three years when the teams "total" wins in those three years still wouldn't guarantee them a playoff spot. Wouldn't and hasn't happened in most other CFL cities. That alone qualifies us all as the "Best Fans".

I don't know if Hamilton has the best fans or the most passionate or whatever, but I will say TiCat fans are unique having to live so close to Canada's largest city and being in "the T.O. shadow" so to speak. Creates a whole different mindset and, at the end of it all, if you can still cheer for the Cats, you're one special person I'd say. :wink:
Please, don't ask me to explain this further because I don't think I could!

UMM...Earl..could you please explain your post a little more for us

I'd say that Saskatchewan fans are, by far, the best fans in the league. That's supported by the legions of fans at each road game. Sask transplants hold on to their team like no other.

I'd say we are second. Especially by the way we've filled the stadium in the last 4 years.

And, when we're actually winning, we're as passionate, noisy/ hostile as almost any on both sides of the border. (Man, I really hope we win a few just to get that feeling back in the stadium....we had it in the first year under Marshall, but nothing since.)

All things considered I would say that Rider fans are the best in the CFL.

Argo's fans are the worst.

All other teams are relatively and equally in the middle of these two.

The cats fans are the best. Those of us who have always been here through thick and thin. There is a whole new bunch of cat fans since bob young took over the team that us long timers affectionately call "youngins". The 13k of us who were there no matter what know what I am talking about. Its great to see all the new fans enjoying cfl football and kinda cute explaining the nuances of the game also. Its a whole new era now and the sizzle matters more to the new fans than the steak used to matter to us longtime fans. We REALLY wanted to win, now its about glitz and sideshow stuff moreso than actual football product. But that is all part of the changin sport climate I guess. Sask fans are also fun and it was great to see baltimore fans still enjoying cfl football!!!