The Best Fan I Can Be

This year I'm going to step up my game. I am going to be the proverbial 13th Man. I'm gonna make a difference each game.

The moment we're on D, I'm going to make noise. Not as our D is taking the line like the others. I'm going to be disruptive from the time the offence huddles till they punt. I'm going to disrupt play calling from the sidelines. I'm going to yell "He's faking!" if one of them gets hurt.

When we're on O I'm going to poke anyone that stands up in front of me unless they have the other teams jersey on. Those fans are supposed to stand up, so my trusty dusty neck snap will stay in my arsenal. I doubt their will be many in Box E but one never knows.

How will you be a better fan this year?

Where in box e are you?
I'm like this every year but there isn't many others in box e that get up and yell.

all good except heckling injured players. Very low class move that embarrasses the team and the vast majority of fans

Row 16. You're right Mak, Box E needs to step it up. Not many stand when they should.

I only do it when it's the Arblows. In all seriousness I always stand and clap when an injured player comes off the field. Even an Arblow.


This is only true if a guy breaks his neck / leg, anything else if fair game.
I hope every opposing qb who comes into Ivor Wynne gets knocked out.

Doesn't matter what team it is. Quiet time when a player goes down. Anyone who heckles an injured player is lacking something upstairs

I'm row 9 and there's a ton of old people near me, nothing wrong with that I guess there just not very loud. theirs also a few people in front of me that think waving there flags will help the team but they don't make any noise :roll:

In sports like hockey, basketball, baseball and soccer, chants from the crowd can be helpful at times and disruptive at others, but rarely if ever do they actually contribute to the success or failure of the athlete on the ice, diamond or court. Outside of the occasional free throw in basketball, the game is pretty much free flowing.

However, in football, where communication in the process of play calling on offence is so important to the success or failure of the play, an enthusiastic crowd can actually influence the outcome of a game.

Some fans get the concept and most fans don’t in Ticats Land. It makes a huge difference for our defence and truly is the 13th man advantage. Sask fans get it. Ticats fans need a little more education in this department.

I think you're right that education is the key. Maybe the team could put up posters, or add an article in the program explaining this concept?

Nothing irritates me more than people who start trying to making noise when we're on offense, then they seem to shutup when the defense comes on the field. I appreciate the effort, but some people don't understand the concept and the effect that noise can have on a football game.

It really is sad.
I don know how people still dont get it, the D loves noise

I think I'll stop.being as negative when we are playing poorly, it serves no useful purpose really.

Zenstate had a good idea. Football 101 printed on the back of tickets.

There is nothing more annoying than fans that yell, "Go Cats Go" or start an Oskee Wee Wee when we have the ball and are in the huddle. The sad thing is they really don't know any better. They think cheering when we have the ball is helping.

You’re always going to have that though. There are two types of fans that go to games. 1. The hardcore fans who go to actually watch the game and don’t care about the hotdog coupons or yellow footballs being thrown into the crowd and
2. the “social” casual fans who go there to socialize, cheer, drink and have fun and don’t much give a crap about what’s going on in the game. Drives me crazy to be honest, but you need both to be successful. Most of the regulars know you shouldn’t cheer on O, some of the "casual’ fans do too, but they just don’t care.

I love the yellow footballs :lol:

Or how about up the video board? A great big "QUIET!" displayed up there on offence, especially short yardage, might actually be noticed. And some Football 101 on there at the beginning of the game?

LOL knock yourself out as long as you don't stand up in front of me while the play is going on to catch one. That really annoys me.

^^^Same goes for the "size S t-shirts" they shoot up into the stands. I'm annoyed and surprised at how often that is done during the play when I'm trying to watch the game..