The best DB ever?

I think we are watching the best DB in the history of the CFL right now in Winnipeg’s Heffney. His coverage skills are beyond belief and he’s also leading the team in tackles. Quite a player. Shocked he didn’t stick with Detroit…I guess his height weighed against him in that formulaic league.

Dude was EVERYWHERE. Literally, just intense. He's got a very young career, would love to see what he keeps doing, preferably in Blue & Gold.

Ya, no kidding. everywhere and has been all year. In a year of defensive resurgence in the league we could see a new MOP emerge.

He will have tough competition with Odell Willis however. Was it Cam Wake the last defensive player that got MOP?

When I saw the title, I immediately thought of coming in to say Hefney, but not entirely seriously. Reason being that he’s only played about 30 CFL games. The way he’s playing right now is the most dominant as I’ve ever seen a DB play, though, and if he keeps it up, he very well could be. It’s amazing to watch.

It helps him tremendously that he's playing in what is a very very good secondary.

Stewart is playing great on the corner, and Suber is a stud at the other HB spot. Logan's been terrific at safety, and whether it's Johnson or Beasley on the corner beside Hefney it matters little, they're both good.

Now if you took Hefney out of Winnipeg and plugged him into, say, BC's or Hamilton's secondary, would he perform as well given that his supporting cast isn't as proficient?

We'll never know . . . but in Winnipeg, he can fly around and play the way he does because even if he gets overly aggressive and finds himself out of position on a particular play, his secondary mates can cover for him remarkably well. Don't think it would be quite as good if he were in BC or Hamilton; he'd be spending too much of his time covering up for other people's mistakes. He doesn't have to worry about that in Winnipeg.

At this point, I'd say Winnipeg has easily the best D line and secondary in the CFL (linebacking corps, no, I'd still give that nod to Hamilton's)

And further. . .to say at this point that he's the best DB ever in the history of the CFL would be a bit of a stretch. Garney Henley comes immediately to mind. . .

It's impossible to have bad linebackers when your front 4 and your secondary are as strong as Winnipeg's right now.

This is a properly built defense.

Saskatchewan is the opposite. It's built around Barrin Simpson. Simpson is a terrific player, but no linebacker can save a defense that gets no pressure and has trouble in 1 on 1 coverage.

This is a poorly built defense. It's completely backwards and handicapped. In fact all 3 of Sask's LBs are excellent. But their defense is ranked last because they have no pressure from the end and no one in their secondary can consistently handle 1 on 1 coverage assignment. They are hooped from the get go no matter how hard they play (and they play hard).

Linebackers are stars because they rack up tackles and get stats. That is why they usually get MODPs. That is why your average armchair GM loves LBs. Taman builds his defense like an armchair GM. The first thing that happened to his defense when he got the job was losing Chick and Baggs. He immediately signed Barrin Simpson. Taman never should have been hired.

Sorry, that's a bit of a hijack.

Back to topic. Best ever? Maybe Reggie Pleasant. More recently Omarr Morgan or Eddie Davis. Donnie Brady was great. Larry Crawford in BC was one of the best. I liked Eric Carter too. Larry Highbaugh needs to be mentioned.

Best safety was Orlondo Steinauer in my opinion.

adrian smith

if we include corners, Andre Francis

and how about Less Browne.

Adrion Smith, good call.

Thought about less Browne, the INT king, but he was more a pure ballhawk than anything. Although he did play in an era where everyone gave up 400 yards and 40 pts so it’s tough to be a lockdown corner in 1991.

I'd probably end up with a tie between Garney Henley and Eddie Davis. .. mind you Dickie Harris should figure in there somewhere. . .

Less Browne had a great career; all time leader with 87 interceptions.

too bad they dont keep stats on how many times a db gets beat one on one for a TD.

No contest, Hefney has had a great start to his carreer but based on carreer stats he would have to go a few more years before he can come close to Garney Henley.

I get a kick out of these "best ever" threads. Last year at this time weren't we reading how Darian Durant was the best ever QB?

Don't tell me you're still not sold on that. :lol: :lol:

It's a given!

Anyways I think JH has a couple years in him still, lets revisit this topic then and enjoy his stellar play now.

Deion Sanders of course......oops wrong league, Juran Bolden in his first go round in the league, not the injured, overweight guy of 2007.

I really enjoy the play of DB Jovon Johnson

So you liked the 1995 version of Juran Bolden - 6 Interceptions in 9 games.
He was pretty good the second time around as well 2000-01 - 10 picks in 32 games.
Agreed, by 2007 he had lost a step - 1 interception in 5 games.

Personally, I would take Rodrick Hill - 47 interceptions in 90 games