The Best 3 Opening Themes for TV Shows - what's your top themes

I have a hard time choosing the top three and will change my mind a few times over . The opening themes not based on the show alone just on the pull of the opening credits .

Number One choice Hawaii Five O - pump up music

Number Two choice Mission Impossible - Just really cool

Number Three choice Welcome Back Kotter - Such a touching intro will always remind me of that time growing up

Honourable mentions to Game of Thrones , Rockford Files , Streets of San Francisco and Bonanza . Loved Bonanza theme .

Note : Bonanza and Hawaii five O were used in CFL games in Ottawa for Roughrider Games and they were a big hit .

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Dr Who


I don't know if I could order them, but here are some other great ones:

The Addams Family
Peter Gunn
The Pink Panther
The Man from UNCLE
Boardwalk Empire

And for some fun CanCon:

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Definitely Hawaii Five-O in the top mix.
Quincy Jones - The Streetbeater aka the Sanford and Son intro

Here are two lesser known but fab intros

Cade's County - Henry Mancini (better audio) and the actual video intro

David Wilcox - Street Legal


So many good one's .

Miami Vice

Chico and the Man


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Defintion a yah that was really cool intro was used for I think Austin Powers and another popular song .

It was pretty cool .

David Wilcox in street legal love it . His sound is so unique . He needs more recognition . Saw him live at University many moons ago .

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I separate the ones with and without lyrics.

Without lyrics:

Rockford files
Star Trek Voyager
Star Trek TNG

Honourable mention:

Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Original Bonanza (they changed it near the end of the series)
The Lone Ranger
Knight Rider

With Lyrics:

Have Gun will Travel

Honourable mentions to:

Welcome Back Kotter
Partridge Family
Happy Days
Mary Tyler Moore
Bat Masterson
Fall Guy

So many more I would like to mention.

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Peter Gunn
Hawaii 5-0
Sanford and Son
...and a personal favourite...The Six Million Dollar Man

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Here's a couple more I quite like:

Law and Order


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ANGEL - being a spin-off of the peppy Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel's opening credits set the tone for a darker series

HILL STREET BLUES - you knew right away that it wasn't a typical 50/60/70s "cop" show

ST. ELSEWHERE - like Hill Street , set the tone that it wasn't the traditional hospital show ... also had perhaps my favourite ending of all time ... go to abvout 52:00 ... they repatriate a longtime character who had left the hospital to return and run the place ... then in the final season we elarn the entire series was in the imagination of an autistic boy.

Studio60 on the Sunset Strip - perhaps because it is one of my favourite shows ... in one season it had many memorable scenes ... premise was a behind the scenes at a SNL-like show:

The Opening Speech

Nazi Santa

Jesus as the Head of Standards and Practices

Dateline Santa

^^#$ the FCC

The Cold Open

The City of New Orleans -the year after Hurricane Katrina musicians from new Orleans find themselves in LA scrounging for work so they hire a bunch to close the Christmas Show

Dolphin Girl




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The Rolling Stones opening was so good for Tour of Duty .

Watched that show very week they played lot's of good 60's tunes playing in the background .


Hill Street Blues tune with the cruiser spinning out in the snow is an image I will never forget .

The Sopranos has to be my favorite.

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I will have to get back to this one when my head is not spinning with ideas, but all the times I have been to NYC Metro to visit family or friends in NJ that I have taken that route up or back from I95 (the NJ Turnpike) from here in Philadelphia or elsewhere in PA with those smokestacks in the distance, there is not one time that song does not play in my head.

Are you the real Tony Soprano anyway Tony?

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Only in my mind Paolo :grinning:

One of my favorite shows.


Speaking of The Sopranos , I just finished binge watching the entire series from start to finish . I'm now onto binge watching Boardwalk Empire and am currently almost thru season 1 . In between for comic relief I'm also revisiting my old friend Archie Bunker and currently am on season 3 of All in the Family .

Here's a fun fact by the way in regards to the Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. That fact is that there is no less than 24 actors that played different characters in both series .

Here is the list of cast members that appeared in both series :



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actually, he is tony danza aka tony micelli :slight_smile: