the bench

We see receivers getting benched; bo; nik; rambo; jermaine.. last time I checked the QB has to be the one to throw to these receivers. Time to bench the coaching staff or Burris. Bringing in a new punter? wtf is that lets bring in a new water boy; trainer and horse; makes no sense....

Hey TOM give JR the ball! there is your answer 4 touches doesn't cut it!

Higgins seems to be unable to make a final decision regarding his players. Why invite O' Mahony back, you've cut him twice. Switiching benched receivers every week doesn't do anything for players sense of stability (but it does motivate them). Better question regarding receivers, why sign Thelwell and Boerigter when we never needed receiver depth anyway. A better use of roster spots would have been to upgrade the defence.
Sure Burris is inaccurate but bringing six starting receivers won't help that. Instead shorten the routes, rely on three to four motivated receivers and sign some defensive lineman.