The Beating of the Season?

It seems every team lays an egg at least once a season. I'm hoping June 16 was it for the Riders. They were beaten at every position with a positive nod to kick returner Dorsey.

Brutal and ugly - imagine if Clermont stayed healthy? It would have been worse!

I'm hoping this ugly taste in their mouths lasts all week. The yhave next Sunday to redeem themselves and I'm guessing Taylor Field will be packed.

Is anyone who really knows a smidgen about football really, truly surprised by this debacle?

Riders have a multitude of things to fix and a very short time to do it in - if they dont do something quick and fast about defense and kicking game, as tough as CFL west is this year, rest of the 06 season is in the envelope and is heading toward the mail receptacle (to be mailed in)

Do you know anything about football? Could you please enlighten me on why our kicking game needs to improved quick and fast as you said. I personally thought congi did a pretty decent job for his first game. He looked very confident in control. He needs to work on getting his punts off a little faster but his placekicking is fine so far.

Agreed scrubs. reelwurl our special teams was the only good part of our game. We were able to get to their returner pretty quick, Dorsey did a good job, and so did Congi. He does need faster punts though. That one should have been blocked.

Go Riders!!

well i still say that they should of pick up Joe Montford and now Anthony Collier is available :? the D line has no pressure on the QB which means receivers are open :o they were just a lil flat last game :oops: IMO the offence will gel with time so i wont say nothin yet... they have an excuse :wink: the D doesnt :x