The Beasts are in the East

3-0 this week-end vs. the west. Waiting on the Argos to see if it's a sweep! Is this a sign of a little parity between the divisions or is just a fluke? :thup:

Im a little unhappy with the west right now! Is it too much to ask of them to beat every team in the east not named HTC. :x

It's waaaaaaaay too early to judge any of the teams or divisions yet, wait until at least week 6 and probably week 8 or 9 would be most accurate.

Of course it is too early but considering last year everybody jumped all over the Eastern teams after a collective poor start to the season, it just feels nice to see all those haters from last year eat crow as the East racks up some wins over the West. It will all balance out in the end as usual but its a great storyline to start the year.

While its nice to see the East getting wins its also not great for us. Calgary laid a egg in Montreal and BC gets beat by the RB. Not good is it too much to ask that Sask beats Toronto?

I probably wouldn't think to much of it if it wasn't for the fact the trend started last year a little after Labour Day, and the fact the Westerners (especially that traitor dcmoses) were giving us the gears all last year. As far as I'm concerned, it's time for a little payback...

I would be estatic if the Riders won today, but I do think they are going to have their hands full, very interested to see how good the Blew team looks after a very impressive week one victory.

I know obviously that a strong East isnt exactly the best thing for the Ti-Cats but it is good for the league, and I am confident we still are the class of the East and should be hosting the EDF at THF once again after all the dust settles.

There is no worry if we beat the other teams in the east we will be just fine

X2 :thup: :thup: :thup:

:rockin: :rockin:

Well considering that we are undefeated at THF and figure to stay that way this season as well,the worst record we can have this season is 10-8 ,but there is no way we lose our remaining 8 road games, so even if we split those 8 games and go 4-4 on the road the rest of the way this team could and should wind up at a very lofty 13-5 on the season.

don't jinx it. :wink:

We all know luck is never on the Ticats side and the other teams seem to win games when they need to putting the Cats in a position where they rarely come out on top. I hope that trend does not continue this season. Fingers crossed

As always we get no help from teams playing the eastern opponent.

Eastern sweep this week with Ottawa and Toronto now leading the east undefeated, Hamilton and Montreal at 1 - 1.

Great game in Regina between the Riders and Argo's, as much as hate the double blue they played a great game and pulled out an exciting victory. Just hope now the fans in Toronto finally decide to support their team, new ownership, new players, new home field next year at BMO all is going well for the Argo's and the CFL with a competitive game and new stadiums for the fans.


OK, did anyone else :wink: predict OTT and TOR both being undefeated after two weeks?

anyone would predict that ottawa and toronto would be undefeated if we knew bc would stink against ottawa and the rider defence couldn't heat up a hamburger at a open flame bbq

Week 2, East 150, West 93 ....Nice, its about time (except for the arblo win)

Wouldn't have predicted it before week 1 but I did pick both of them to win this week and I was right! Had to get a bit desperate after going 0-4 last week! Would have had a perfect week if the Stamps hadn't laid an egg in Montreal. Neither played that well in week 1 but I figured that the Nags would come out ahead since the Larks looked REALLY dreadful vs the OTTRBs.