The Beast of the East

My son was the Scotiabank Kid last night. It was awesome. The trench seats are unbelievable. As the game was going on my son yelled "Tigers are Beasts, Als are birds," which I thought it was a great line." He then starting cheering "Beasts of the East." This gets me thinking, are we now the "Beasts of the East?"

If Buck Pierce is hurt for any length of time the Peg is in huge trouble. I think we could indeed be the Beasts of the East this year. Now if Garrett McIntrye comes back from the Jets our D-Line will be scarry.

The Argos are a mess.

Lots of work to be done in a long season but this could indeed be the long sought after year!!!

Amen Reverend!

We look good…but we’re still behind Winnipeg in the standings AND they beat us at home.

Oh, and that’s awesome that your son was the kickoff kid! Something you guys will remember for a long time.

A bit early for that kind of boasting.

The reverend was anything but boastful. I would suggest he was more hopeful than anything. Nowhere did I see a boastful statement from him. Could you clarify what he said that you thought was boastful please?


It's a week to week thing, but I tend to agree... this week, that is..


I agree, the Tiger cats are the beasts for this week. It's a long season though, and there will be a lot twists and turns (injuries and mistakes).

When this team gets past the eastern final and into the Grey cup, then, I think, they can truly claim to be THE BEASTS OF THE EAST.

Meantime, I'm glad to hear that your son was having fun with it. We need that kind of passion and confidence going forward.

We have a very strong team this year.
Our Offence is really starting to click behind Kevin Glenn,Dueces and a great and deep receiving corps
Our Defence has been great thru all areas, front four, linebackers and D/B’s
Our Special teams with Medlock kicking and Thigpen returning have been strong.
O/C, D/C,and Head Coach have been doing great
Obie has built us a great team with lots of depth.
We have solid ownership with our CARETAKER.
We had a slow start, but we are getting better every game.
We just knocked off the Als with Calvillo which is no small accomplishment.
Just keep winning!!! :thup:

13 games to go to decide who the beasts are.

For fans, the season was a write-off after week 2. Now we surge over .500 with a win over the defending champs and a 3 game winning streak and we're beasts of the east? Too much football left to be played.

Performance-wise and ignoring injury woes in Winnipeg, I spot the Tiger-Cats 3rd in the league as of right now. Next week will be a good test of this team's mettle with a western trip against a team of similar performance thus far. If they can come home with a W, so much the better.

Edmonton nearly lost to Toronto and Winnipeg might be crippled on offence without Pierce... so I hope Hamilton in the next few weeks can take advantage of this and climb to tops in the league.

I agree with everything you've said here. I give LaPo and his team more credit, than many do, for their consistant performance. Although they were at the bottom of the heap last year, many of their losses were very close games. Now they've started out with 4 wins and a loss by just a single point. Time, maybe even this week against EDM, may tell a different story considering that 3 of their 4 wins have come against the Argos and Lions. Against the tougher (?) teams -- they beat the Cats and lost by a point to the Stamps -- and, as you point out, they're two teams of similar performance thus far. If the Cats can beat the Stamps and the Argos before their mid-August break, I might consider them pretty "beast"ly with a 5 wins-in-a-row comeback after their very disappointing 2-game start.

Great comments friends, please note it was not my intension to sound boastful as I haven't played a down this year lol
Anyway, Winnepeg without Pierce for any significant time is in big trouble, good defence no question but we'll see about that in a few weeks. The Labour Day and following game again against Montreal at their place will tell the tale in my view. I think it will be amazing.

Calgary this week, it's a pick'em though we have had a weird tendancy to drop off big after a huge win in the last several years. This week is very important imo, as it could get us into a different mindset a la - "Beasts of the East." This is what I am hoping for that the guys are "playing to win" not, "playing not to loose."

Loved hearing that from Avon - expecting to win!