"The Beast" Lumsden

Congrats on your big game!

Way to run that rock BEAST

He had a fantastic game, the kind of game we've all been waiting for him to have. It must be frustrating playing such a game and seeing it all go for naught.


Great game Lumsden!.....and lets not forget the guys that blocked for him because as much as Jesse gives that individual second effort on every play, the guys opened some holes for him tonight.

For all the Lundsden haters just watch the last game and you can’t tell me he don’t belong in this league.

Lumsden could be an all-star in this league, let alone "belong" in it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, he had an outstanding game.

And I really really really hate to be critical of him here but he did cost us two big first downs by not following his blockers.

On both the shovel pass in the first quarter, and the screen pass on the first series of the second half, his linemen were blocking the Lions to the outside, and if Lumsden had cut behind them to the inside he easily picks up both first downs. But he ran outside on both and got tackled short.
On the first one we end up missing the 3rd down try, and on the 2nd we have to settle for the field goal.

Obviously it's easier to see that watching on TV than when you're the guy running in the heat of the battle, and I don't mean it as a slight to him at all, but it was just a couple of cases where I just went "unnnngggghhh!!! no! other way! aaawwwwww.... crap."

On the second screen pass (the shorter one), he could have followed his blocks better, I agree.

BUT, this guy is essentially a rookie since it's his first full season and he is only going to get better every game. A scary thought considering how badly he beat up on a team that it strong on the run.


Oh I know.
And he's going to see both those plays when they watch the film, and no doubt he'll correct that next time.

I also agree with this and I know exactly the two plays you're talking about.

That's something that the coaches can fix though.....and you can't teach the size, breakaway speed, vision and instincts he has.

I'm not worried ....he can correct these mistakes.

I wonder if it's that he's just naturally more comfortable running to his left. All his big runs and screen passes seem to be to the left.
And on both those missed plays, the inside hole was to the right, but he went outside to the left.

Strange because he usually carries the ball in his right hand which would make you think he'd like to run to the right and use he left to stiff-arm.

the kid is still learning and improving. yes 1 play especially jessie should have bellied up in middle and followed his blocker, but at least on the sideline after that jessie was pissed off himself and knew he what he did wrong.

It's true, all the Lumsden screen passes were to the left last night, I didn't notice that trend in previous games though. Last night, part of the reason the screens went to the left was because they were taking advantage of the speed of Brent Johnson - he zipped into the backfield, Lumsden slipped behind him and voila, big gainer.


Wouldn't that be an easier pass for the QB as well?

Yes, and more deceptive to the defense too. A right-handed QB can appear to start rolling right, then turn to his left and make the screen pass on the left. It also provides an alternate explanation to Johnston as to why Lumsden would let him go unblocked on the left side - because the QB is going to roll right anyway. Doing all that from the other side is tougher for a right-handed QB.


The reason all the screens were to the left last night is because they were screening on Brent Johnsons side of the field because he always came off the line hard and we were able to screen on his side of the field.

I was impressed with Jesse last night. Outrunning Baron Miles, stiff arming Corey Banks to the ground and generally needing 3 or 4 guys to tackle him once he got past the line of scrimmage was impressive.

I think running Jesse just a little more is going to really help the QB's develop some play action and give the QB's time to run some deeper routes.

Really impressed with Jesse last night, truly a bright light on the offense last night.

When players with break away speed like Jesse's run a sweep
to the outside with two blockers in front of them down field

they naturally swing outside rather than cutting back into traffic.

You're more likely to find more open field
when you don't cut back towards eleven guys.

In that play one guy got free from his blocker and caught him.

Everytime I Speak to our Line
I allways Greet them the Same Way

What a great Job by them
Jessie did the rest …

#3 in the league rushing after 4 games. This is with all of the top 3 having played 4 games. He's done it on 30 fewer carries than league leader Charles Roberts. Averaging 8 yds/attempt!!!

I recall a guy on here a couple of weeks ago badmouthing Lumsden. He claimed to have "dealt with football worldwide and to being a loyal Ticat fan." We heard how Lumsden had no breakaway speed, couldn't juke the first tackler, etc. How's the crow tasting now Transformer?