The BC Lions vs Stamps lets pack the dome thread

Lets all go and bring as many friends as we can. I'm goin down to seattle, but i'm gonna try and bring my NY gf to the game. Lets rock the dome!!!!

We have four season tickets so we will definitely be there.

This is a H-U-G-E game.

— Stamps win and they take the season series from the Lions meaning B.C. would need at least two more wins than Calgary the rest of the way to finish ahead of them. Lions lose and their chances of finishing first again become awfully tough.

— The Lions defence has looked awful at times this season and Burris and company present a huge challenge.

— Following Friday's game the Lions embark on a 2-game road trip to Montreal and Hamilton. They won't be home again until Sept. 13 against the Riders so let's make sure it's dome field advantage on Friday!

I hope we get a great crowed everytime we play calgary in a big game here at bc place it always turns out dissapointing last year they had a first place game here last year only 31,000 showed up and the year before it the same thing, i would love to see at least 35,000.

Not sure why …but Calgary has been the worst draw of the three Western teams — despite some big games the past couple of seasons. I fear them even more than the Riders, especially their talent on offence.

This game does have some things going for it besides a great match-up:

• cooler and wet weather in the forecast (the PNE must be underway) leading up to the game (thank god they didn’t play last Friday!).

• Last home game for three weeks.

• back to school game with lunch box giveaway.

yes i f we did play last friday i gaurentee you there would not eve be 25,000, it is hard to say how many will be there this friday. i was at the Practice, yesturday and there were a lot on new commers wathcing and getting autrographs, i think they were a little supprised that there were about 2000 people and how much of a event there is i think we will hit close to 34,000 like the sask game just because i think will get some legs in selling tickets comming wed, thurs, friday.

Hmmm go to the game, or remain employed...tough decision...

I expect 33,000 for the biggest game of the season to date. Personally I think I hate the Stamps even more than the Riders.

The difference being the Riders trash talk and are ACTUALLY good, the Stamps just trash talk and have nothing to show for it. Let’s kick their ass this Friday night at the Dome! I’m saving my voice for that one so I can yell my lungs out at Henry Burris, Lewis, Copeland, etc.

one of the reasons we are not going to break or even get 35,000 is because, this not a first place game , the lions have not been consistant all year, and Calgary have never drawn good here even in the mid 80's , but don't you think that the lions have won 4 divisinal titles 2 grey cup performances have way more success than the Canucks , but then again here we are they are only averging 32,000 a game.

We are no were near a football town like we use to be and i do not even know that the new stadium is going to help that much

I think we are an event city we almost have to have a huge world wide event to get into the 40,000, and i think a lot of people in this province still think the cfl is mickey mouse. and don't make excussess that the lions games are on tv latly on home games that should actually improve attendace because a lot of people who do not go to games do see and hear the excitment on tv if that does not bring them out then nothing will, and i have had it if i hear people saying they do not have enough time to get to the game
after work on a friday, you do not hear that complaining when there is a canuck game. so everybody get off your asses and get out to bc place this friday because if you don't, this will be the last time, i do this.

How do you explain 50,000+ for west finals? Our attendnace has leveled off only when we lost Ottawa in the CFL, and I think that played a huge role. The fact we're not getting 14,000-20,000 like in 2000 and 2001, and to the point where the lower bowl was so packed that the demand was there to open sections of the upper bowl is a huge improvement. HUGE.