The BC Lions at only 12,000-13,000 season tickets ?

Hopefully we have more then what I am hearing -
Last year there was about 18,000 full season ticket holders
This year I'm hearing there is around 12,000 tops - not including flex packs in various numbers
The Lions have a proving time ahead of them to win fans back - if they come out fast and entertaining
No doubt the attendance will rise . With only 6100 out at UBC Friday - on a beautiful night - there is concern
Heard that the season ticket holders that came did not even fill the 3500 seats . UBC Sports Officials were hoping for 10,000
Fans out - it was a disappointment - with 40 flags - thrown if the players and league don't make changes - it may not matter how good the on field product is if the Refs again are the most dominant team out there -

I'm a huge CFL fan but my season ticket is with continuing my cable subscription with Rogers where live sports is the main factor in what I pay for cable TV. I'm doing my part in not cancelling my cable, not "cutting the cord" as so many are doing these days -- Is It Time to Cut the Cord? ... t-the-cord

Going to games is expensive for the average joe. The CFL like other leagues is catering to people with loads and loads of discretional recreational spending money and time. I'm not one of them albeit I do have the time but my case of beer a week and my cable fees along with the price of gas for going here and there is pretty well eating up my money, now that I'm retired and on a very fixed income.

The future for the CFL or any pro league with attendance issues might be to make games free but make a certain amount of food and beverage either in stadium or not and at game time or not, with a price mandatory with that seat "purchase". In other words, I can eat out at a restaurant but go to Supercrawl and watch excellent bands free or Festival of Friends or Burlington Sound of Music Festival. Much of these events and performers, not all but much, are totally free. But I'm still paying with my cable subscription and totally doing my part.

How were they hoping for 10,000? Thunderbird Stadium doesn't hold anywhere near that and the cost of bringing in temporary bleachers and washrooms to up the capacity for just the one game would be far too cost-prohibitive.

The crowd at UBC was as about as good as it was going to get

I had read somewhere that Braley raised ticket prices for the Lions by 15-20%.
What does the fan get for that extra cost? What is the justification for such a steep hike?
Fans have decided with their wallets not to support Braley.
Braley is a cancer that needs to be removed from the CFL.

How were they hoping for 10,000? Thunderbird Stadium doesn't hold anywhere near that and the cost of bringing in temporary bleachers and washrooms to up the capacity for just the one game would be far too cost-prohibitive.

The crowd at UBC was as about as good as it was going to get:

EastVanMark - I'm sorry you are wrong - may 15 ,2015 - Vancouver Sun reported the crowd would be 8-10,000
And in June 11.21015 - Vancouver . 24 hrs. - President Skulsky stated we will smash the old record attendance at UBC Thunderbird stadium - which was over 8700 - and they are expecting over 10,000 fans 3,000 in seating over 7000 on the hills
Around the stadium - sorry 6100 is a small - minor league crowd for BC Lions - hey much like 4900 fans in Q.C. Or 5100 in Toronto . Time to face the music the Lions have a serious challenge here - maybe time to sell them ?

I stated month ago that Braley has destroyed this team... He has run it into the ground and that they will not average 20000 acful fans this season... Braley is a cancer on the league

And now a REAL post. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for 6100 at T-Bird, that is probably a record attendance for a football game there, so that is definitely a good crowd.

However, if that number of 13k for seasons is accurate I have to say it's disappointing.

I must admit, Vancouver is a fair weather town, always has been. That's just the way it is.

Couple of things. Pressbox, not disputing your numbers, but you have to supply a source when you throw stats out. You can't just say, "I am hearing...." The Lions themselves have said season tickets sales are below where they expected but a 30% drop in one off-season seems excessive.

Second, I was at the preseason game at Thunderbird Stadium. It was an amazing atmosphere. The grandstand was packed. There were a lot of fans on the grassy hill opposite. Was the grassy hill packed? No, but there were also a lot of people standing around the field as well. If those people were sitting rather than standing, it would have been completely full.

The problem with the Lions is their President gets carried away (remember "Guaranteed Win Night" versus the Riders last year and how well that turned out??). This year he put his foot in his mouth with an unrealistic number. $40 a ticket for a preseason game on the COMPLETE western end of the city (drive any further west and you'd hit the ocean) on a Friday night, with the public perception that it was an inadequate venue, and parking would be an issue (it turned out to be very well organized but perception is reality when folks are deciding how to spend their discretionary $$).....they should be happy that the stands were full. If I hadn't heard Skulksy's expected pie-in-the-sky attendance number, I would have said to myself, "Wow, they've almost doubled capacity. Great job!"

Just to add to this. For those of you who are not familiar with Vancouver, getting out to UBC SUCKS! First, wherever you are you have to get yourself INTO Vancouver. Then once you’re into Van proper, say Main St or Granville, you head West west west … 40 BLOCKS with a traffic light on almost every damn one of those blocks. Stray off of the 2 main drags heading out there and you are in a tangle of hillside residences. After these 40 blocks, you follow a windy road through a FOREST. UBC is the largest school West of Toronto yet the Transit SkyTrain does not go there!! If you take the bus it goes through the same 40 traffic lights that the cars do. UBC is a major major major pain in the dong!

Agree UBC is a hard journey to get too - but come on everyone is there any more beautiful places in Canada to be - it's worth the trip just to walk around the point and the campus - not a drag for me - but to fair - weather fans I suppose -

Now I have been called out on my numbers 1 am ashamed that this is such a low site for truth and trust - such a joke that everyone must make up fantasies and lies in their posts - I guess if you could direct me to a football site where there is truth please direct me -
Now on 10,000 projected at the preseason UBC game - on May 5 even UBC officials were projecting 10,000"as the crowd - orange please google and look up - and Vancouver sun on may 15 stated that 8700 was the record attendance so 6100 fell far short - again minor league for a city such as Vancouver - or maybe the Lion fans have eroded over the last 5 years into
Being like a fringe sport like lacrosse or field hockey - numbers don't lie

And a few month back even the Lions officials were saying they were only at 65%'percent renewal rate on season tickets - or 35% plus had said no!thank you - stuff it to the Lions - Attention - Mr. bungle was right on with his for-cast for the Lions and their dismal state of affairs on and off the field . 35% off 18,000 = 6300 or about 11,700 renewals - I would say they have only sold 1000 new season tickets so 12-13000 season ticket holders is correct - Orange please phone your favorite ticket sales manager - she / he will reluctantly tell u - remember let's be truthful on this site before spouting off - I do hope the Lions can turn it around but it will be a 2 -4 year process the damage has been inflicted

What is the one thing that would turn this franchise around?
Winning the Grey Cup?... Nope!!!
A sale to the local hockey team
But will pighead let it happen?

One problem they might be having is the upper bowl season ticket holders pissed off that they are being forced to the lower bowl. Many of them might not be in the mood to renew.

Was reading on the Lions board that they let their marketing director go?

It's sounding like the late Braley era with the Argos last year. Getting primed for a sale.

Hopefully soon and to ones who are largely local. The Canucks would be a good fit IMO.

Kind of what I thought pressbox. You just did some back-of-napkin math from a renewal number that was tossed out by the Lions months ago. I am not doubting season ticket sales are low, but wanted a substantive number from a media source or someone connected to the Lions.

RE: Thunderbird. Again, I am not disputing the 9,000-10,000 number. I actually saw Dennis Skulsky's press conference in which he confidently (and foolishly) predicted that they would leave the previous attendance record of 8,700 “in the rear-view mirror.? But I was at the game. It was a success. The event was well attended - just look at the photo I provided in my last post. The club was dreaming in technicolor if they thought 10K would show up, with no guaranteed seating (grandstand holds 3, for $40, approx 6,600 would have to stand or sit on a grassy hill to watch a preseason game in a hard-to-reach and out of the way location?!?). :roll:

For you forum members from Toronto, this would be like the Argos hosting an outdoor preseason game on a Friday night at Birchmount Stadium near the Scarborough Bluffs. "We're going to charge $40 a ticket, and oh, BTW, there's only general admission seating, so the grandstand seating is on a first come, first served basis. The rest of you can stand or sit on the grass and watch."

Pressbox, do you really have any proof of that number or did you pull it of your...... head. And why not include the flex pack numbers (that probably adds another 3000 or 4000 to the total number of tickets sold).

Braley must be using the same marketing tactics that he did in Toronto. Call us, because we won't call you.

Honestly so sick and tired of the people that call him a league saviour. If it wasn't for Bobby Ackles more or less going door to door to get back the lost ticket buyers, Lions fans would have been calling for Braley's head years ago.

Don't worry Angie, he wants to sell the Lions as well but has some heart for them more than the Argos. But he's going to sell them sooner or later.

Oh, and why didn't the Canucks org or any org buy the Lions when they were available? :wink: Or sorry, because no one locally wanted to. Well, who would have guessed, eh? Was that before or after Bell and TSN showed some more commitement? Just wondering. :wink:

Eventually the CFL may come to the point like the NFL's Cardinals when they were putting 30,000 and less in the old stadium (poor by NFL standards) but still making lots of dough because of the shared TV contract. Is that a good thing or a bad thing though? That's a different discussion.

Translation of the above? If it weren't for Bell and TSN, the CFL would be toast right now and certainly not able to hire a new commish at around a mill I think he's making? Or hanging on as a league far less important than it is on the pro scene in Canada. But that's a good sign, the NFL with only 16 games and a massive roster size is able to pay around what the other major leagues do per player, close to it, with far more games and less roster size than the NFL. So the CFL is definitely on the right track! And Bell and TSN are committed to the CFL so it seems now especially with Rogers blowing it's brains out on the Blue Jays and NHL. :thup:

To be fair, he did buy the Lions when nobody else would, but you're right; if it wasn't for Bob Ackles, the Lions would still be playing in front of 15,000 and they would largely irrelevant in the marketplace. Sadly however, they seem to heading right back to those days if this keeps up. There is next to ZERO buzz locally and the season is about to start. :roll:


The only positive is, when he sells, there will be a buzz like with the Argos. It's not much of a positive but it's something.

He knows, Braley, people don’t want him around any more. He knows. But EVM, when talking about “buzz” remember it’s a population thingy ie. lots of “buzz” for the Blue Jays around here in S Ontario but for me on a personal level, I could care less, don’t watch their games and have no intentions of attending any of their games.

Again, no one thought TSN and Bell would come along as they did and Braley has filled a gap.