The BB defense heading to TO

This is a vital game for the Bombers, and from what our defense has been doing, the secondary has improved somewhat. Our D-Line is still the best in the CFL. I hope that Marshall installs the blitz packages all game long.

Containing Joseph is the key. Whenever we can do that to him (remember the Banjo Bowl last year?), we have his #. Gotta have major pressure on him to make him scramble only to find there's no where to go! :rockin: Time for the whole front 7 to rise to the occcasion.

....Joseph always has problems with the BigBlue... We have to eliminate his little running excursions up the middle and the sack-gang should take care of the rest..... also If Arland Bruce is unable to go.. as is rumoured ..i think the Argos are in a bit of doo-doo...we'll see... :thup:

Up to the Grey Cup in TO against Rider-pride, the defense were a marvel to watch throughout the play-offs.

Here`s to sacking the crap right out of Joseph!!! Is the D up to it? I am counting on it! Can you say HOSPITALIZATION !!!

Hoping someone gets hospitalized in the game is worth being deleted! i get my post deleted stating i don't agree that Bombers defence of line is the best in the CFL and it gets dumped hmmmm?'s their forum, not yours. For the sixth time, now, read the forum guidelines.

hmmm i'm able to post its as much mine as there's, great game so far tonite :slight_smile:

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edited - unnecessary comments, some good pressure on Joseph but offence needs to get there game together, think you will see Glenn in the game.

We get rider. You enjoy seeing the Bombers lose. . . I only talk about the rider-convoy when labour day comes.