The Battle of Ontario?

Tonight's Argos Red Blacks game has been heavily hyped on TSN as The Battle of Ontario. That title between Toronto and Ottawa NHL games clearly makes sense. But in the CFL it is different with three Ontario based teams, and ours has been forgotten. Does anyone find it interesting how the Argos Ticats rivalry was promoted as the Battle of Ontario up until the Red Blacks entered the league in 2014? A rivalry of over 100 years lost the Battle of Ontario moniker to one in only it's third season.

They can let Ottawa and TO have the Battle of Ontario. It still isn't the same rivalry as the Battle of the QEW! (and never will be)!

With the shape we're in here in Ontario who would want to win a battle for "it" anyway. I don't want it they can have it! :slight_smile:

Im a little offended as a cats fan tbh. We tigercat fans have more than held our up end of this one sided rivalry with the arhols..if anyone gets to be OTTs rival in battle of ONT It should be us as the new rivals. Forget Toronto its a lost cause. Let them hype up MTL TOR as a rivalry.

Hahaha. So true.

The Argos management have a hard enough time keeping their team from folding and they still might be a better option than what we have now. Lol

At least the East Division Playoffs will remain a true Battle for Ontario, with Montreal the odd team out for a second year in a row. :smiley:

I wouldn't put too much stock in our friends at the Toronto Sports Network, owned by the same company that owns the Argos.
They touted the LDC and Rematch as the Battle of Ontario on their facebook and twitter pages, then when Toronto plays Ottawa they do the same.
Will be interesting to see if they tout the Ottawa/Hamilton series as the Battle of Ontario. :cowboy:

Maybe Ottawa and Montreal should be called the battle of French Canada :smiley:

A lot of people in Ottawa would be upset about that, the city is only around 20% French speaking.