The Battle of Alberta

We took round one. That's incredible! So happy. :smiley:

The offence stalled a bit in the second half. Twice we had good field position and failed to do anything with it. But the guys made some plays in the final minutes to get us a field goal and force Calgary to score a TD. After that it was up to the defence.

It wasn't a great game, but we went into Calgary and won, so the team deserves props for that.

Also, we're 2-0 on the road. Anyone remember the last time we were 2-0 on the road? I'm genuinely curious. I imagine it was some time ago.

Great comments Chief, for we sweat out that one and almost broke down.

In fact, for a time in the second half we were a sinister combination of sucky and lucky, but then we finished things off enough.

We really have our hands full after next week with at least having to tough it out against Toronto’s front seven at home who will be the toughest and nastiest front we’ve faced all year.

Then we are on the road to Winnipeg and Montreal.

I am actually feeling better now about the game in Montreal than the game in Winnipeg because we match up better against Montreal.

We have the strategy and formula to beat Toronto the same way we did Hamilton and BC at home.

Congrats EE, you are now officially a force in the league and behind the Als.

You know what I've just realized? We've beaten every Western rival. :smiley:

In the year 2000 - Esk's went 4-0 before a loss in B.C. = Also: (that was the year B.C. won the Grey Cup with an 8-10 record to become the first team to do so)

Did anyone catch the pre game speech from Kavis, I really like this guy as a coach, after hearing his speech I was looking for my helmet.
We beat a good football team that has been together for a while, I think were seeing the emergence of a great football team this is going to be AWeSOME

Heading to the Peg next week to see the inlaws, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the bombers/ Esks game . It's funny how the timing on that worked out :wink:

I expect Winnipeg to be our first loss.

...then again, I originally thought we'd lose to Saskatchewan and Calgary. :lol: But seriously, Edmonton has to lose one eventually, and I think it'll be the Winnipeg game. We'll be on the road against a tough defence. It'll likely come down to the last minute.

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Yikes: Injuries to DE Peach and WR Bowman as stated in the article above. We can not afford to take Toronto lightly in the next home game and If Lemon plays and I expect him to start, Cleo has shown improvement to me atleast on getting the job done. The Eskies have options on which players will fill in for the injured ones, thus so far so good with Rod Davis being injured. I guess we shall see how that goes as far as the Defense is concerned. No problem on offense as of yet; Ricky Ray has shown fine results on calling the right plays for the ground game and Kudos to Crandell for that. On that note Whitlock/Messam will be key once again I feel against the Argo's D. I'll go out on a limb here and say the Eskies will be 6-0 going into Montreal.

Both injuries will hurt, and I don't know how confident I am with Bauman replacing Bowman. We'll see, I guess. I don't mean to take Toronto lightly, but honestly, if we can put up 30 points, we'll win the game. Toronto has no offence, especially with Boyd out and Lemon gimpy.

Although I was very happy to beat Calgary I wasn't too impressed with the game. It seemed the Esks went into prevent defence and run for the sake of running the clock down with time left in the first half and got stuck there for far too long into the second half. I'm glad we're using the run game but I'm a bigger fan of 2nd down conversions. Our DB's do a great job covering and tackling when not in a deep zone defence. I don't think we'd have won if Burris wasn't in a slump of sorts, but we did so Congrats Eskies!

We can expect Peach to be out about 8 weeks as I can attest I just had my meniscus operated on 4 weeks back I figure 4 more and I should be able to lace up the skates in September.

Still though, Kavis is a close second to Pinball in pre game speaches.

Kavis Reed does an excellent job inspiring the guy to play great football. That's something Hall could never do.

Hall couldn't inspire a fat kid to eat a Popsicle.

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Well I hope it won't be 8 weeks as the minimum is around 4 weeks, but I would think it'll be the former oilerrocker. I stated in the Whitlock/Porter thread on who could very well fill the void in Peach's spot; Jermaine Reed - Joe Sykes if he's ready to come off the 1 game injured list on July 28th. New addition Robert Henderson may get his debut is another option, thus the offence (game plan) could very well step it up too. But still it will be a tough game and Lemon/Bell will provide their share of moving the first down sticks...... Duval with a game winner? ==== Show it to Me :rockin:

Dave Campbell just said on Twitter that Reed said there's no ligament damage with Peach. He's out for Friday, and he's not sure how long he'll be out.

Bowman apparently cracked some ribs, and he's expected to only miss a couple weeks. That's good news.

That is good news on Peach that no operation is needed, so up to 4 weeks for rehab. As for Bowman when recovered from cracked ribs; Do players still use flak jackets for extra protection or for precautionary reasons?

Many NFL quarterbacks wear what appear to be flak vests.

If Peach is out only a month and Bowman only out perhaps 3 games at most with extra time to heal the cracked ribs without wearing a flak vest, this means more than likely that both will be saved until Labour Day weekend.

This means they will each have six weeks to heal too, so that should be plenty of time to not only be 100% but also fresh, hungry, and vicious.

Curse Dave Campbell for spreading false hope. :lol: According to Campbell, Reed said there wasn't any ligament damage, but apparently Peach is still going in for surgery. They still don't know how long he'll be out.

Bowman is still only expected to miss a couple weeks. And it sounds like Nowacki and Bauman will both be returning this week.