The Banks Statement: VGCC Week 8

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Another week down and another quarterback, football fans. I'm Rob Banks and you're not, and I got my computer back!

Way to go Chris Jones! With 49 seconds left in the game, down by three and within field goal range of the league's most accurate kicker, you choose to gamble on third and four? Throw in a condescending and downright snarky post game press conference as well. Apparently you have 'charts for this'. Might we suppose that you will be amending your charts for this week? Are we being facetious? Probably. Are you arrogant or stupid Coach Jones? Apparently both. Just man up and admit that you fubar'd that one royally. Regardless, 72% of the VGCC World thanks you from the bottom of their hearts.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have an advantage when playing at Tim Horton's Field literally. Literally the kickoff after their second touchdown hit the field and the field threw the ball right back to the home team. Are we suggesting conspiracy? Well, no, but that was the weirdest and most fortunate home bounce seen since the the ball flipped straight into the air and back down into the waiting arms of Kory Sheets during the 2013 Grey Cup.

Week 7 was a home sweep for CFL teams and congratulations to the three players who went with the all-home ticket. LeBird climbs out of obscurity into fourth place at 16-12 while ArgoT climbs into obscurity at 14-13, good for 27th. The big mover was drummer_god who now sits 52nd at 11-17 with his perfect slate. The heart of a champ never gives up! Home teams have now won the last eight straight games (is it any coincidence that the Riders have been on the road the past two weeks?). The last away win witnessed was Hamilton at Regina back on July 26th, the day that Saskabush lost its other quarterback. Home teams are now 20-8 on the season. One might want to keep this in mind going forward. By the way - Next Rider home game: Week 9, August 22nd against Calgary. Bank on a road win there, football fans.

The VGCC World had a rough time with the first two games last week, picking Edmonton over BC by 72% and losing (!@#$%), Montreal over Ottawa by 52% and losing again, but the two overwhelming favorites coming through at home in the last two games - Toronto (barely) over Saskatchewan by 84% and Hamilton over Winnipeg by 77% - saved the week, not only drawing the record even at 2-2 but collectively a very respectable 144-99 dragging that season record up darn close to .500 at 898-951 or .486%

Once again, the Banks Statement matched the World's ticket and now sits at 15-13, good enough for eighteenth on the table. The Statement also went o-fer on the specials this week, missing Ottawa in the BIG TILT and getting Chris Jonesed in the CloseCall ending the streak and dropping to 4-3 in both categories. Toronto's sloppy sloppy defense allowed the Riders to stay close which was probably enough in itself to spoil the Mismatch prediction, however Hamilton laying waste to Winnipeg the next afternoon put all that to moot. Still only one Mismatch has been correctly called this season.

The Esks visit Montreal on the Thursday nighter. Two well-rounded clubs especially strong on defense, each with aggressive fronts, and two young mistake prone pivots make this the CloseCall of the Week. Take Montreal 23-17 because Cato is at least far more talented than Nichols.

Hamilton gave Toronto a gift last week by taking down Drew Willy making this the Mismatch of the Week. Robert Marve is expected to make his first pro start on Friday for the Bombers and while most agree that he gives the Blue and Gold a better chance than Brian Brohm does, he's still a raw rookie. The Argo secondary get a chance to atone for nearly blowing the Sask game last week and Harris and all of his big targets should have a productive day outscoring the 'Peg 34-14.

Hamilton should be an overwhelming favorite against BC this week, football fans. Although it is tempting to strategically pick the Lions since they are definitely capable of the upset, it is probably wise not to go up against that Ti-Cat home record. Hammy wins the kitteh scrap 28-20.

Who would have thought that Ottawa/Calgary in Week 8 would be a matchup of two (tied for) first place clubs? The RedBlacks at Stampeders game is the BIG TILT of the Week. Calgary is fresh off the bye, undefeated at home (4-0) and probably just a little too powerful. Galloping red Horsies 33-20.

One more matchup before we go, the Riders versus the Bye Week. The Bye Week comes into Regina trying to blemish the Riders unblemished record. They battle hard scoreless through the first 60 minutes, but then Chamblin gets smart and concedes a safety in overtime to extend the Saskabush streak. Bank on it!