The Banks Statement VGCC Week 7

for week 6 find it yrself man

Hey fb fans, I'm Rob Banks and my computer is not. Short vers. Comp down, post from phone.

Hammer remains unbeaten at Timmy's and the Riders improved yet lost even worse bcos they have no QB.

Straight 2 the stats. Best week 4 world so far by prairie mile, not only 3-1 but collective 169-81 for overall 754-852 upping to .470%! World was 62% wrong on BC/'Peg, and right on the other 3 (Ed/Sask 92%, Cal/Als 75% and Ham/Tor 65%). The World now sits at 10-13.

11 players had perfect week including cfleskfan who now tops the board at 15-9.

The Banks Statement had the exact ticket as the world and so also went 3-1 to inch up to 12th at 13-11. Hitting the CloseCall and the BIG TILT improves both to 4-2, but even better fb fans, the Mismatch was scored for the first time.

Thurs nite pick is essentially a lack of confidence in BC. Take Edmonton despite Nichols and the road in the CloseCall of the Week 26-16.

Next Montreal is a different club than the 1 that lost to the RBs Week 1. Birds to win the BIG TILT of the Week 21-13.

Sask has no chance with Brett Smith at QB. Toronto wins the Mismatch of the Week in a snoozer 28-8.

Winnipeg should show well but ultimately their D will succumb to Collaros. Cats win 30-22.

With luck the comp is back online next week. Not sure to Bank on it! Tho. kthxbai