The Banks Statement: VGCC Week 5

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Yay! No Thursday game this week, football fans! I'm Rob Banks (and I'm perfect) and you're not, so let's get to it.

Saskatchewan is a really talented team that sure knows how to lose. This time it was a more normal type of loss rather than a fourth quarter meltdown even if it did still go down to the wire. Chamblin's defense is certainly taking a ton of heat but when the offense has the ball for 33 minutes and churns out 26 first downs and 500 yards of net offense there should be more than 24 points on the board. BC only had 127 yards passing in the entire game which is a league wide season low so the Saskabush D is doing something right. However they're still doing a thing or two wrong. Like many defenses this year, they are suffering from a lack of pressure on the opposing quarterback, but the number one problem for the green-and-white last week was biting on the play action - and embarrassingly so. Alex Hall twice, Brackenridge and even John Chick fell hard for the read option allowing Lulay easy big yards off the edge all night. A quarter of the Lions' total offense was gained on that one play. getting fooled once is one thing, getting fooled twice is another. Getting fooled four or five times is just beyond dumb. See the win right before your eyes, let it slip away.

Calgary sure is a struggling team that sure knows how to win. With all this parity somehow the Stamps have risen to first overall at 3-1, and their three wins have been by a combined margin of just seven points, football fans. Their offensive linemen are dropping like flies and their kicker is about as consistent as a coin toss with ADD, yet they still make the plays when the game is on the line. It all comes down to three things: depth, coaching and attitude. See the win right before your eyes, go grab it.

A note about scoring: it's not really up all that much. Sixteen games in and only three times has anyone hit the 30-point plateau. In sixteen games times two teams per game that's just .094%, football fans. The three occasions? Hamilton 52 at Winnipeg, Edmonton 46 against Ottawa and Winnipeg 30 in Regina (please note that overtime scoring is not counted as it is too easy to inflate a score and skew the stats). Last season the 30 threshhold was hit 48 times. In 162 (81 games times two) opportunities to score the percent works out to .296% or three times as often. There are actually a lot less high scoring games this year than last. What offsets this though is the fact that nobody has been held to single digits so far this season. Last season teams scored less than ten points 22 times (including BC five times and Ottawa seven), so there are also less low scoring games. Bottom line, scoring is officially up from 22.72 points per game last year to 24.19 so far this year, or about a measly point-and-a-half. So you still think that it's scoring that makes the games more exciting? Chew on that hunk of field turf and get back to me when the little black pellets come out the other end.

The good news is that it was the best week yet for the VGCC World. The bad news is that the world only needed to go 2-2 to achieve that and climb to a lofty 5-11. Our World picked Hamilton over Montreal by 78% and got it wrong, Edmonton over Ottawa by 65% and got it right, Sask over BC by 77% and got it wrong, and Calgary over Winnipeg by 78% and got it right. The collective score for the week was 122-137 to keep the overall cumulative of 467-625 hovering around 42%.

How does one move from 50th overall to tenth in one week? Simple, football fans. Just go perfect like The Banks Statement did. Go with the heavy faves Calgary and Edmonton, stay away from a club that likes to lose close games late (Sask), and most importantly, if you have a strong hunch to take Montreal at home against a hated rival, go with it. A tip of the hat to RichardVeilleux and Chronicguy (who also takes over the VGCC lead at 10-5) for also acing all four games. Great minds do indeed think alike.

The Banks Statement has now crawled out of the cellar to 8-8 and hopefully is not too cocky to tumble back in. The BIG TILT and the CloseCall were both nailed and evened at 2-2 for the campaign, however the Mismatch was once again missed (yes the correct winner was predicted but in order to get the Mismatch the game must also have the widest victory margin of the week's games).

Matt Nicholls was poor and the Eskimos still won. What does that say about Ottawa? This is all one needs to know to not pick them against the first place Stampeders this week. Take the Horsies 33-10 in the current Mismatch of the Week.

BC had a lot of questions surrounding them coming into this season. They may not have answered them all but they are answering quite a few. This is a pretty good team, football fans. The best move that coach Tedford has made so far is to replace Dean Valli at guard. The offensive line is actually decent now. It's a classic example of addition by subtraction. Toronto is no slouch but their defense is susceptible. This is BC's game to win or lose at home on the coast, and they'll win it 27-23.

Edmonton is definitely better than Winnipeg but Matt Nicholls makes this the CloseCall of the Week. With the implications in the West standings, this game is also the BIG TILT of the Week. Hold your nose and pick the double-Es 20-19.

Green Eggs and Ham. Two powerful teams that do a fabulous job of shooting themselves in the foot square off at Taylor Field on Sunday. Who would have thought that the Kittehs and Gophers would both be in last place? Expect a ton of offense in this one especially since both QBs should have ample time to throw. Turnovers could very well be the difference and last possession wins. The Cats should get last possession and take it 33-31.

One more prediction: even at 0-5 no one in Regina gets fired. Taman stands by Chamblin, and Taman himself has until the bye (Week 8) at least. Bank on it!

Not good at trying perhaps just once sneak a game over the Banks Statement; Off the wall, Riders win 27-23 over Ti-Cats