The Banks Statement: VGCC Week 4

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As if these Thursday night games don't make the week short enough to force cramming in the VGCC picks, the big fang-dangled rodeo pushed the last game all the way to Monday giving us just Tuesday and Wedensday to seriously set our slates. See if you can stay on for eight seconds, football fans, 'cause I'm Rob Banks and you're not!

My my my, how prophetic. Not only did the Banks Statement succeed in picking the Lions to win their home opener against the Roughriders, the accuracy of how it went down was uncanny.

The Banks Statement is currently lobbying (read bribing) BigDave for bonus points on this prediction. Meanwhile Ottawa came crashing down to Earth with a throttling at the hands of the Reilly-less Eskimos, The Bombers knocked off the Larks without a touchdown from their offense and Calgary got back on track by winning a close one over the Argos on the rarest of rare non-holiday Monday nights.

Congratulations to the first perfect weeks of the year for six players. bobo8224, FenderGuy69, cfleskfan, papazoola, brianjox and Colin Graham all went 4-0. Great work fellas accomplishing the so far nearly impossible. perce90 may have joined them to make it a magnificent seven, but at the eleventh hour changed his BC pick to Sask only to regret it after the Riders dropped their second straight loss by overtime. Our leader this week is someone who's picks are sent by proxy. Boss99 went 3-1 to draw level with getalife and solarwinds at 8-4 but rank ahead on aggregate.

Once again, only one of the four games had a clear favorite this week leaving the VGCC world indecisive on the other three. Ottawa was favored by 53%, Montreal by 57% and Saskatchewan by 58% yet all three lost. Only Calgary won as a favorite this week, football fans, but at 77% of the vote that tipped the collective record just a smidge over .500 (143-130) for the first week this year. Cumulatively it's 345/488 or .414%. The 1-3 record for the third straight week leaves the world at a shoddy 3-9.

The Banks Statement fared quite well in week 3, only missing Winnipeg who won despite their atrocious record at IGF (!@#$), knocking off the Alouettes with two major scores, one from their defense and the other from special teams. With two underdogs on the ticket coming through the gains on the leaderboard were substantial. The 3-1 week lifts the campaign to 4-8 and while there still may be a long way to climb, at least things are turned around and headed in the right direction. After 1-7, 50th place never felt so good.

The Banks Statement is also finally in the win column for the BIG TILT and the CloseCall (even if the CloseCall ended up not at all close) and is now 1-2 in both. The Mismatch however is still out there waiting to be caught at 0 for 3.

Could any of you football fans out there do without these Thursday night games? Have they worn anyone else's patience thin yet? They seem to throw the week out of whack. Let's keep our football on the weekends as much as possible. What say you? Thursday or not, this week we have dandy on the schedule. The BIG TILT of the Week sees Hamilton visit Montreal. These two squads hate each other. There's a good chance that come November they will be duking it out for first place in the East so consider this a playoff preview. Hamilton has the big play ability both in the air and with Brandon Banks (best name in the CFL) in the return game while Montreal has without a doubt the league's top defense. The Birds have a strong run game, the Kittehs don't have any run game. Perhaps right now the Hammer should be favored if only because they are a quantity more known, but their lacklustre record at McGill and - probably more than anything - a nagging hunch says to take the Als, 27-21.

Next we have Edmonton and Ottawa again but this time in the Nation's Capital. Last week the Esks destroyed the RubyEbonies despite an extremely Crompton-esque statline form quarterback Matt Nicholls. A home crowd and law of averages should keep this one closer, but if the Edmonton defense plays like they did last week the Evil Empire can't lose. Put the score at 27-14.

BC at Sask is the CloseCall of the Week because the Riders self destructing at the three minute warning is about the only solid trend of the season so far, football fans. Saskabush has to turn this around and this is the perfect week for them to do it. They have a home crowd and a dominating offense. All they need is for the defense to come around in the last three minutes and make the plays that put the opponent away when their foot is on the throat. The Riders should be the smart pick, but on principle, they are to be avoided until they can prove to be able to close out. Lions win again, 36-34 ... wait for it ... in regulation.

Finally the Bombers are at McMahon to face the Stamps in the Mismatch of the Week. No disrespect intended to the blue and gold here, but other than the possibility that Edmonton might kick the crap outta Ottawa again, none of the four games stand up and scream blowout. One of them has to be singled out for the widest margin of victory and the matchup of Calgary's offense (which seems to be getting some traction) and Winnipeg's defense (the words iffy and spotty come to mind) could be the right formula to see a high score. Take the Horsies 40-26.

The first two weeks were rougher than Hugh O'Neill's beard but now we're on the way up. Bank on it!


OK let's try this again..........Riders win 29-19 - Bank on it!

I hope you're right.

Wrong totally again - 27-24 Lions. Stay tuned folks for…ugh, The Banks Statement for week 5