The Banks Statement: VGCC Week 3

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I'm Rob Banks, and lucky for you, this week you're not. Hey football fans, the VGCC world did a little better this time around but the Banks Statement hit rock bottom with a bigass goosegg. A kid named Cato wrecked most of your tickets and sent me home with my tail between my legs.

Another quarterback got hurt as the 'Peg's Drew Willy got knocked senseless by a helmet-to-helmet hit. Surprisingly he has been taking reps in practice this week and is expected to start against Montreal on Friday. Meanwhile the big news this week is the emergence of the Alouette's new rookie pivot Rakeem Cato. He had a highly efficient outing delivering strikes with surgical precision against the defending champion Calgary's defense. As a result, the Larks turned the big upset and found the win column. Perhaps more importantly Montreal now has real hope and the East division may have just been ripped wide open by a new threat. In the other two games, BC still had not awoken from the pre season and dropped a snoozer to the RedBlacks while the Argos and Riders gave us an overtime heart stopper.

The VGCC world was split nearly perfectly down the middle on three of the four games, but held an overwhelming bias in the other. Going 1-3 again, Hamilton over Winnipeg by 53% provided the 1 on Thursday night, but then things got rough. Cato moved the ball and the Als defense suffocated Calgary, and 91% took one on the chin. BC played in Ottawa but played more like they were in a coma. 51% of the world regretted this. Finally, when Toronto converted their two-point convert on their final overtime score the 54% who took the Riders could only pray for a push. The prayers went unanswered however when Sask failed to connect on their own convert. Ten players managed to go 3-1 including getalife who sits alone atop the table at 6-2. Someone needs to find out what type of wheaties he feeds his ouija board and pass it on to the rest of the world.

The collective record improved but is still in a sorry state. A 108-170 mark updates to 202-358 or .361%.

However, the Banks Statement fared even worse suffering the thorough embarrassment of being completely wrong on all four games. Not only is the record is a pathetic 1-7, but with the only win being the one-point victory by Calgary in week 1, the -79 aggregate could not be lower without going 0-8. Obviously the first scores in the BIG TILT, CloseCall and Mismatch not only evade but taunt heartily.

Thursday night has Ottawa at Edmonton kicking off back-to-back games for these two teams. Ottawa might be on a roll, but look who they have beaten. In Week 1 it was a quarterbackless Montreal team and in Week 2 it was a rusty, sloppy BC side that took way too many penalties. Furthermore, if Lion defensive backs could catch Hank would have turned the ball over four or five times. Ironically the one pick he did throw was on the money and the his receiver Maurice Price bobbled the ball. Full marks to the ScarletOpals for finding ways to win, but do they really look like a team that will stay first overall for very long? Not really. Opposition Edmonton is another quarterback challenged team missing their ace Mike Reilly. The double-Es are coming off the bye week after a poor showing against the Argos in Week 1. The defense should (fingers crossed) be better than they showed in Fort Mac but the real issue is Matt Nicholls behind center. He is expected to start meaning that the offensive production will suffer. However, with Reilly out, James Franklin draws in from the practice roster and those who watched him in the pres season will concur, with Nicholls the offense will stagnate, with Franklin and his athleticism, they have a chance. The question is just how long it will take for Chris Jones to make the switch. Look for Franklin to take over at some point in this game when Nicholls stalls, and as the defense is able to keep the score in range for a comeback we may very well be seeing Cato 2.0 headlines come Friday morning. In the CloseCall of the Week Take Edmonton 24-20.

Montreal kicks off Friday's double header in Winnipeg. Montreal with the new quarterback and their aggressive defense will be looking to get on a roll against a Bomber team that is reeling. Winnipeg's defense is a work deep in progress and will continue to be for quite some time. The Birds will take advantage of this as well as the fact that the Bombers are now officially downright lousy at home. Last week's pounding taken from the the claws of the Ti-Cats puts Winnipeg's record at IGF at a gory 4-15, football fans, making this the Mismatch of the Week. Don't go near that with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole! Take the Angry Birds 37-20.

Saskatchewan makes a lot of highlight plays and racks up a ton of stats but has trouble finishing drives and under no circumstances can they close out a win. If the two pre season games are included, Saskabush has blown forth-quarter leads in four straight games, football fans. Until they can shoot that duck off of their back the Banks Statement is steering well clear. What makes this pick difficult is that the Lions sucked hard last week in Ottawa. Lulay struggled with accuracy and suffered communication issues with his targets, the defense had difficulty tackling and appropriately their orange uniforms looked much like the myriad of penalty flags that they caused to drop from the officials pockets. An up-temp offense is meaningless if it doesn't score points. Like Ottawa/Edmonton, the Riders and Lions kick off back-to-back matchups on Friday. For this week, ultimately too many Rider drives ending in field goals keeps the score close enough for the Lions to come back when the inevitable fourth quarter collapse by the green-and-white shows up as scheduled. Sask piles up more first downs and yardsticks than Lady Gaga facebook friends ... and loses 30-27.

As both clubs do hold a share of first place in their respective divisions Toronto at Calgary makes for the BIG TILT of the Week. Toronto's defense proved last week to be vulnerable in Regina and the Horsies have a little too much pedigree to give up on just yet. Look for Calgary to come out on top 34-24 at home. However, if the Stamps drop this one, start panicking.

If The Banks Statement can't get back on track next week, desperate times will call for desperate measures. I do have strategies at the ready. Bank on it!

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