The Banks Statement: VGCC Week 2

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Hey football fans, I'm Rob Banks and you're not. Whoa! Was Week 1 ever crazy. Week 2 looks a lot more difficult but the VGCC would be hard pressed indeed to score a worse result. Read on.

If you're a CFL quarterback and you're still standing you must be saying, "Whew!" as you kiss your four leaf clover. On Thursday we saw both Jonathan Crompton and Dan Lefevour go down for Montreal. Then on Saturday we watched mike Reilly's knee bend horribly the wrong way before Darian Durant pulled up lame on the most innocent of steps. Crompton's shoulder is not too serious but he is week to week. Reilly has extensive ligament damage and by the grace of the football gods is lucky to be expected back in the lineup come October. Lefevour and Durant however are done for the year, the former with a bad shoulder separation and the latter with a ruptured achilles. Ironically both had just returned to the lineup after suffering season-ending injuries last year. Good luck and a smooth recovery to all.

Week 1 is often unpredictable, but one would not know it by the consensus VGCC world picks. We picked Montreal over Ottawa by 83% and got it wrong, Calgary over Hamilton by 86% and got it right (by a long last second field goal), Edmonton over Toronto by 90% and got it horribly wrong, and Saskatchewan over Winnipeg by 82% and got it wrong. The Banks Statement had the exact same slate as the world and so suffers the exact same head-hanging shame. Suffice to say that any realistic chance of a perfect week went out the window on Thursday night when the Buzzsaws upset les Oiseaux, but six prognosticators did come up trumps at 3-1 - greenandwhite and solarwinds who missed Winnipeg, Boss99 who missed Ottawa and the trio of aulcee Swahgade2 and getalife who all missed Toronto. Congrats to these fine fellows on surviving wild Week 1 the least scathed.

The collective picks for week 1 were a brutal 94-188 or .333%. Obviously on the year those numbers are the same.

The VGCC world went 1-3 for the week and is now 1-3 for the season.

The Banks Statement went 1-3 for the week and is now 1-3 for the season. The Banks Statement is 0-1 in the BIG TILT and in the CloseCall. It also failed to predict the Mismatch. To say that some gooseggs could use some cracking here would be an understatement for sure.

We tear right into the action with the BIG TILT of the Week which again pulls double-duty as our CloseCall of the Week. Hamilton visits Winnipeg and even though they're a full season removed from being division rivals, man do these two clubs hate each other. Hamilton still has some key injuries although Justin Hickman does return at rush end. Two talented offenses and two suspect defenses means that there could be a whole lot of points on the scoreboard in this one. It's games like this where a raucous home crowd often provides the decisive edge, but as electric as the atmosphere in Winnipeg has been, they still only sport a record of 4-14 since moving into their new park and have not won at home since August of last year. That's four straight losses, football fans. For now give the Bombers the benefit of the doubt at home, but if they continue to struggle while sleeping in their own beds, this could soon become an evil spectre for the Blue and Gold. In conclusion, the toe of Hajrullahu comes through late and 'Peg wins 39-36.

The Mismatch of the Week is easy this time around. Grey Cup champs Calgary visit the desperately-seeking-a-quarterback Montreal Alouettes. The red horsies did not seem to fire on all cylinders last week but still managed to get the job done. As for Montreal, the defense is still there but even the strongest defense can't save you if it's forced to play almost 37 minutes as it did last week. Sooner or later the offense needs to earn a couple of first downs. The Als will apparently dress two backs in Sutton and Rutley which may signify an emphasis on the run game, but whether it's Bridge, Cato or Manley, whoever gets the nod under center will have zero pro starts under his belt. Let's say 35-10 Stamps.

One can't really say that the next matchup is too close to call, rather than too many question marks to call as the BC Lions visit the Ottawa RedBlacks. For BC, how effective will Travis Lulay be? Remember football fans, for all intents and purposes he has not really played in almost two years. The one time that technically he did suit up and take snaps was at this very stadium last August and the offense was far less than stellar as the Lions eked out a W in the lowest scoring game in 35 years! The next question is Jeff Tedford as coach. No one is certain what to see from him other than a high tempo offense. The Leo's biggest question mark ought to be their offensive line. Already one of the weaker units in the league they will be down two starters in Matt Norman and Hunter Steward, both victims of training camp injuries. On top of all that, two weeks ago the Lions broke camp and immediately went into the bye. It means that they're well rested but it also means that they have had no chance yet to find a rhythm. Meanwhile on the other sideline Ottawa will be coming off the high of their season opening unexpected win in Montreal. Will they ride that positive wave or will they have a letdown? Furthermore, were they really that impressive in victory? The Als lost two quarterbacks to injury and yet the RedBlacks still needed Jonathan Hefney to gift them a major foul late in the game to extend the winning drive. Henry Burris tossed three picks and Ottawa's run game could not rise above meh status. This one might come down to history. The last time that any Ottawa based team beat BC, the year had a nineteen in front of it. July 12, 1996 the Rough Riders narrowly knocked off a woeful Lions squad 32-31 at old Lansdowne. This week take BC 23-13.

Lastly, Toronto is in Saskatchewan on Sunday. The Argos took a strong win against Edmonton last week but one has to think that the Eskimos did not bring their best effort. The Riders had problems of their own against Winnipeg but they were all on defense and they were all fundamentals that are easily addressed. If they do not address them the Argos will go 2-0, but coach Chamblin has a history of addressing such matters fairly swiftly. There may be a dropoff at quarterback between Durant and Glenn but other than a bit of mobility, most of it is in the intangibles. When it comes to throwing the ball there is not much to choose between them. A home crowd and a better defensive effort means that as long as Sask doesn't turn the ball over they should get themselves in the win column. Saskatchewan will come out on top 33-24.

The VGCC world gettin' back on track in Week 2, and remember to send all hate mail to my inbox. Bank on it.

Who is Rob Banks?

He's prairiedog72's alter ego. (Or is prairiedog72 Rob Banks' alter ego?)

This is the only statement that was true... except it was 1 team who did the scoring...I'm not sure where Winnipeg got this "talented" offense from,but hey, maybe next week!

Well, it looked talented against the Riders.

Indeed only one team did the scoring, but Willy, Denmark, Moore and Cotton plus all the oline upgrades they made says talent. They didn't get the job done in Week 2 but they also lost their star QB early in the game.