The Banjo bowl

What’s with the O-line ?
are they hurt and we have no depth ?
or are they just plain terrible ?

protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs.

I hope the riders get rid of Chapdelaine for next season. Let him go back to the CIS were he belongs

I hope they get rid of him by tomorrow morning.

It seems that the Riders never can come up with a game plan for when teams take away the run up the middle or bring lots of heat. Cortez even sucked at it when we had Sheets and a dominant run game. I just don't get it. It was no secret what the Bombers on D were doing. Stack the middle and bring heat for a sack, bad pass, or no gain on a run, putting them in tons of 2nd and 10+. There has to ways to break this issue but the Riders just can't get a handle on it obviously for what ever reason.

As for Chappy I have not been keen on him from day one and I'm still not. And what was up with Allen on the punt blocking bouncing around like a chicken with his head cut off. He cost us one time count and almost two.

No Smith looked frustrated and certainly did not have his A game. I think we will see Glenn next week. Not all on Smith though as PD said PIZZ POOR PLAY CALLING didn't help his cause.
That pretty much kills a shot at the playoffs. I was thinking they had to win the LDC,Banjo Bowl, and the game against Ottawa to have any shot. This game put an end to that in a flash.

Yes very good game by the defense, first time this year to say that, and I love what Munroe brings to the middle of the Dline. Very good find it seems.

Still a very disappointing loss after getting 5 turnovers in the first half. That was as I said earlier something that could and did bite them hard.

On the very first offensive series we had I saw the Bombers over load the box and they didn't disguise it or anything, they just lined up that way and what do the Riders do? Up the gut for no gain or even a loss. Right there I said were fu**ed. Am I a prophet? Hardly, pretty obvious if your stupid enough to try and win that battle your going to lose 95% of the time especially if you keep doing it over and over and over. Pay me half of Chappy's money and I can call the same thing just as effectively,it would just be a bargain for the team.

Hmm now I wonder what Ottawa will do on defense? Rush 3 and drop the linebacker out in coverage or the exact same thing Winnipeg did ? My money is the latter. Now Any takers that the Riders try to run it up the gut again? I say the odds are pretty good they will.

time to bring in la police on the offence i agree, that was a big mistake not bringing him in at first. he could have just taken over

A bit off topic but I have to say this was one of the better reffed games I have seen all season. The only time the officials were even noticeable was on that play were the bombers took a penalty and they were confused on where the ball should be spotted,otherwise they were pretty much a non factor throughout the game. If all the games were reffed like this it would be more enjoyable to watch. They stilled called penalties but just not on every other play.

Now back on topic, I’m curious how close is Glenn to being able to go and be effective? I know he is available this coming week but being available and being ready to go are not the same thing.

Yes I know realistically were done as far as the season goes but Ottawa who did the same thing as the Bombers did in this game will probably use pretty much the same game plan. Take away the run from the gut( And the riders have a no screen, pitch,or any other kind of run play rule) so it again will be lots of heat and having to get the ball out quickly. Smith needs to learn how to do it but against as I said the Eskimos, Ottawa, and now the bombers, he hasn’t had success in these situations. Maybe he needs to watch and see how someone else handles it. Of course I’m not saying Glenn is a master at it but he is quicker at making reads and getting the ball out. Maybe split the game between the two of them, or is it time to see what Price or Simms have? Are either of them ready or even close?

Hmm it would have been nice but realistically Lapo probably would have flat out rejected the offer. Interim HC and GM is not a great situation when your looking for career stability. A new GM or HC or both next year means he probably brings in his own guys.Lapo has a good gig with TSN why mess that up on a possibility?

Lapo is highly unlikely to take any offer that is not HC. I would be flat out stunned

this was one of the worst games of all time. Not even was embarrassing....Riders won't break 20k in the remainder of home games. D looked pretty good on both sides...that was the only highlight. The Bombers O moved the ball but couldn't retain it, the Rider's look like a HS team with 100% rookies playing their first game...I mean at any point in this season would you have believed the D would be the strength of the team in a game LOL...shows how bad CC was. How do you do that little with that many turnovers? My god. The officiating was embarrassing, the coaching was not there, the players were undisciplined. horrid, unwatchable

You know in 2 NFL games today the commentators got mad at refs for calling holds that were on the backside of plays that had no effect on the game or that play....they finally chalked it up to game 1 and something that won't be called later....that gets called every time in the CFL if they see it

This team, with all these young QBs, NEEDS a fricken QB coach...not an injured QB who still competes with them at the end of the day and not one who still has to answer to coaches on a player level. I don't know why they weren't attemting more runs...that is ridiculous. Was it a conscious decision that they refused to adapt...did JC give his kids the key tto the car? I know he is a pass first guy, but cmon

Smith is having a hard time seeing past the rush...he is still too raw...he is still looking for who he needs to be scrambling from and not able to see down field. They need to get him on designed rollouts to make the field smaller for him for a while...2-3 options on pass, chuck it away, take easy yards...get some comfort...

And for the love of god...someone kick Best right in the fricken nuts....his penalties are insane