The Banjo bowl

Yes I know a bit early to get into it just after the LDC but Nichols has been announced as the starter for the Banjo bowl. Different qb that can be really hot or cold. Much better passer I think especially if he has the time. Can scramble when needs too also.

So probably a bit different game plan on defense I would think. Bhrom a bit more of a pocket passer and relies a bit more on the ground game. So what if any personnel changes or looks do they use with Matt to mess him up.

I guess they also sacked their special teams coordinator. Possibly signs of things to come in Bomberland.

maybe they'll sack Hall as well. Wonder where he would end up if that was the case? :wink: :wink:

Quick has another week to add some wrinkles to what is his D. I think he stripped some things back so I like and hope to think he has the base built…now build it up.

I think he’ll need to apply more pressure. Whenever we sent 4 there was sort of pressure…but we can’t afford Nichols that added time.

We tried to disguise blitzs with Brack and Macho but I could tell they were not going to blitz. I hope we can get more creative with these looks and make Nichols uneasy about his reads.

I saw very little of bringing Knox from the middle…not much halfback blitzing either…so I would like to think he can add some to what they have and get Nichols thinking he knows what he see’s…and surprise…INT.

George and Munroe delivered in the middle. On one of Munroe’s sacks Chick was double teamed and Munro took advantage and got the QB. We need that extra threat.

Shutting down their run game was huge. Brohm got away for a few runs but their RB’s got nothing. We had them in 2nd and long a lot so that is big.

I expect to see more looks and guys coming from different spots. Send that 5th guy with twists and stunts and make that pocket very uncomfortable.

Richie Hall was blitzing a lot…I think 60-70 percent… especially 2nd half. If was nice to see Messam stepping into some blocks and to see Brett rip those blitzes. We didn’t burn them deep but Brett had it figured out and they weren sending 6-7 often. Nobody even eard of hardick #54 I think that has taken away work from Richards. For the kids first game he looked pretty solid.

Let's just continue to ask for improvement. Even though we won last week, we still have warts. Smith had some disconnects at QB with timing and play execution. We got breaks from the refs with in bound catches and penalties. We still have lots of work to do. This week I expect to see smith deeper into the playbook with an intent to show the bombers something different. Need to continue to build the pass game by establishing the run. Need to start really going after the bomber qb's on blitzes. Need two and outs and need turnovers. But if proulx is the ref, we're done at the coin toss.

Gotta agree...the reffing has hurt the Riders pretty big at times this year...and while a lot was still missed on headshots to Smith, most mobile QBs get fewer is the nature of the beast...still, this was a game that if reffing was favorable it was on the side of the green guys. Smith started out way too is no secret he is too emotional still...JC has a clip up in the videos section discussing it and it is worth watching if you haven't. the Bombers were taking cheep shots on him a lot...dirty stuff in the is football 101 for their is how he played. They tried to get under his skin, and for a good chunk of time they did...once he calmed down...HUGE kudos to DD on that end of things...and the line came together they looked a lot better. 2 things should happen this week...the refs will have reviewed the game and Dyce will have talked to them about the head shot and the bloody lip that never got called...reffing is going to be tight so discipline will win this game. The second...the OL is going to look better being a week healthier. As for the D...100% agree with you...strip it down, build it up...that is what they are working will be even better this week

Proulx gets a bad wrap...he had 2 bad years but has returned to form...and his crew actually calls fewer penalties than anyone else now. I have had a hate on for this man's officiating...but IMO he has been pretty consistent for 1.5 years now...we shall see if that continues.

Hmm looked for the clip but didn’t see anything from this week on JC.

1:55 in

Ah yeah I saw that one. Thought you were referring to something from this week.

ON: 98 White*
OFF: 52 Kankolongo

2 not DB LBs on the 46...scary. I thought Macho had his best game of the year last week...hope that continues.
Demski now listed as starting WR over Carroll, who has moved to SB

I think our biggest concern is keeping Brett healthy. Looking at the LDC game and how they cheap shot him and looking back to the last Banjo Bowl maybe Durant's injury in that game wasn't an "accident". Hate to say it but I don't think the Bombers are above trying just about anything to get a win and that includes some really dirty stuff. This may mean that Smith will have to even do more to protect himself. That could of course limit his runs but if he goes down then we are really really screwed and the Bombers know it.

Perhaps we should put Richards in as a RB and anyone tries anything to Smith have him knock some blocks off. He has shown he isn't above the extra curricular activity himself and yes that means probably another major and possible ejection but the Riders need to send a message that they are not going to stand for this kind of garbage. I would hate to go for an eye for an eye but when in Rome... Seriously I hope it doesn't come down to that.

Well...DD's injury had nothing to do with the Bombers. He had barely been touched in the game never mind that I wouldn't go there

If the Bombers want to do cheap stuff in back to back is generally caught a lot more. Staff brings play of concern to the head of officiating during the week, and that is reviewed by the refs. It will also be discussed in the pre-game meeting the coaches have with the crew. Tough to get away with it 2 weeks in a row against the same team

Did they not move Macho to half back? I noticed Brackenridge was playing linebacker this past game. Something I and others were asking for earlier in the year.

If the Riders did something like dressing Richards for the sake of aggression, then the Riders WILL BE SEEN as the bad guy by every last person in the league, player, coach, exec, official, fan, media, everybody.

Willing to sacrifice a spot on the 44 just for the sake of hostility? Only Chris Jones would do that. i certainly wouldn't.

Anyone online watching the game? Can't get the live chat at rider fans to work on my iPad.
Decent start aided by turnovers but we missed out on points in my opinion.

The offense has not looked good. Why run at the gut when the middle is plugged up? How about a screen or two? I know heaven forbid. Bottom line is the offense needs to step it up big time. Defense creating 5 turnovers and only leading by 4 is not good. Those are missed opportunities that could haunt them in the second half. Twice Winnipeg in the scoring zone and get nothing. Can't count on that happening in the second half.

Well that is not surprising. Brutal offense by the Riders.

Oh Brutal turnover. Thats probably all she wrote.

Well whoopie fricken do one game win streak is all but done. Offense just was plain flat lined today. No answer to the pressure.

I just logged in to say EXACTLY that.

Chapdelaine was completely outfilmed today and then epicly failed to adjust. Sure Smith didn't have his best game but the gameplan and the play calls didn't give him much chance to begin with. Richie Hall's whole scheme today was about taking away the run between the tackles. Want your run game back? Get outside the tackles. Sweep, screen, bubble swing, anything, make that defense spread laterally and create some room in the box.

Nope. None of that. Winnipeg played a great game, but Chapdelaine sure gave a helping hand. This is the 3rd time this year that the offensive gameplan was complete s**t. Gainer could call a better game. 5 takeaways in the first half and 7 points. ZERO points in the entire 2nd half. Embarrassing. 12 punts for Early. Shameful. The defense played lights out. What a goddamn waste.