The Banjo Bowl

Let's sell it out, Blue Bombers fans.:rockin:

A sellout would be great for the Bombers and for the league in general!:thup:

So if you're a bomber fan, get as many of your friends as possible, and head on down to Canad Inns Stadium on Sunday.:thup:

Game starts at 2:00PM, Central Time. :thup:

I think it's already sold out, at least it should be.

I sure hope so.

I really don't think so. A few days ago I heard 24 000 had been sold, good #'s but far from a sellout, considering the extra seats.
I don't think we will sell out after the performance the Blue put on yesterday. They had better repay the fans that do show up next Sunday with a much better effort, and end the losing, more importantly the losing at home!!!!!!

With the Rider fans who make the trip for the Banjo Bowl, The Bombers may get a sellout which should make for a great atmosphere and a great game for the Banjo Bowl in Winnipeg. Hopefully the Riders can pull out a win again, but taking both sides of a home and home series can be tough.

Riders will win by eighty!!!!!!

Rider Pride Nation Wide

If own team can't beat the Riders, the fans can at least beat Saskatchewan by outselling them in numbers that they can't reach. How bad does it make our club look if they have 30,000 show up to a game, and we only have 24,000 show up this week?

I would like to give full credit to the Bomber fans that showed up in Regina for Labour Day. They made the sell out possible.

Not being a long weekend Sunday, the Banjo bowl does not attract as many Rider fans but there should be a good turnout.

Nice video, although I could see the "cow" angle if Calgary was involved in the "Banjo Bowl". I don't see the connection to Saskatchewan though.

now you guys have to do more of the same for us next week. :slight_smile:

yea we can fit just under 45,000 people with these expansion seats, I think we'll do good (Me and my buds have yet to buy them)