The Banjo Bowl 2011 Edition, Sept. 11, 4 pm et, TSN

Saskatchewan at Winnipeg
Sunday, September 11
4 pm et/1 pm pt


Go Gang Green! Y'all beat down Staggerville, ya hear? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,


"a bunch of banjo-pickin' inbreds"
"the vast majority of the people in Saskatchewan have no idea how to play the banjo."-Troy Westwood 2004

Great stuff!!

I still get a laugh from Westwood's quips....

According to the Rider site just minutes ago, Fantuz will be playing. Another cause for the Blue Babies' concern.

Go Green nation.

From a Tiger cat fan.

Bummer Cheerleader Captain for the Banjo Bowl

Half, are you sure that's her???

I thought it was the new receiver they brought in to boost the offence they don't have.....


Does the 40yard dash in a couple days!


Yes, I heard about that. I think that should make him/her the fastest on their team!!!!

The above link is to an article on re the return to the Riders of WR Andy Fantuz and the WInnipeg D's reaction thereof.

Oski Wee Wee,


GOOOOOOOOOO Riders!!!!!!!!!!1


Another Prairie dozen call on Wippinegg!!

Willis is a joke! What a maroon.

Ouch! Bucky loses his lid!

WOOOOOO Pierce was smoked there!!!

We better not cheer for the Riders we may jinx them. :oops: :roll:

Yes. Catfish, let's be careful out there!!!!

Swaggerville is getting punched in the mouth. LOL

31-15 Gang Green

I think the hits are starting to affect Bucky. How many times can you lose your helmet, anyway?

The mighty Swaggerville is collapsing on itself.

When you have no offence and have to depend on your defence to carry the day game after game, your D gets tired and maybe resentful (see the Argos). Tim Burke must be getting pissed with the lack of help he gets from Barresi and Lapolice, who I understand, are OC's by trade.

The swaggerville T shirts will be car wash rags by tomorrow.

Mack should fire the head coach and the OC and make Burke the big guy next season. He's the only one earning his paycheque this year.

Fans are leaving. There is no joy in Swaggerville; the mighty Odell has struck out.