The Ballard Cup comes home!

With the Cats defeating the Blue Team in lopsided fashion tonight, the Cats ensure that they will win the three-game regular season series. Congrats on securing the Ballard Cup! A Labour Day win will be a sweep!

Oski Wee Wee,

Never heard of the ballard cup, but it doesnt even matter if hamilton loses labor day. Labor day = MUST WIN!

What’s the status of the Ballard Cup now? Is there an actual trophy? An urn filled with old Pal Hal’s ashes?

Sorry duplicate post

Yet another duplicate post.

8) Ever heard of Harold Ballard, one time owner of the Tiger-Cats ????? :roll:

The Forbidden Website once offered a prize to whoever found the Ballard Cup. It is a real trophy, lost to the annals of History, probably in Bob Young's basement :wink:

Thanks Russ!! I was waiting to see if anyone brought this up. I said that to my boyfriend last night! If we have to have another losing season, owning the blue team twice makes it a lost more bearable :wink: