The ball sucks.

The ball sucks.

They should get rid of the stripes, make it more red, and put a big, inverted version of the old CFL logo (not the helmet) centered on the panels opposite the laces.

Lol maple leaf spiralling thru the air.

Steve you a fashion designer or something! Maybe make it bright lime yellow green so my Stamps receivers can see the dam ball.

Steve are you related to Kanga? Change, change, change. It isn't broke, no need to fix it.

What Sporty said!

Yup. If it's not causing the players any problems, why change it? This is football we're talking about, not a runway show.

Probably one of the coolest things about the XFL was the design of the ball. It did look pretty good when it was thrown.

I don't think they should change the ball, but if they did, then maybe they could have the home team's logo on the ball, like they do in hockey.

There is a ball in hockey? :roll:

I was wondering if I should be more specific...

Nothing personal ro1313........

Don't joke around like this!

If Bettman reads this, you'll give him another bad idea. I know you hate hockey, but Bettman has already ruined the NHL enough!

No kidding he has changed to Ice Capades! Hey there you go get the guys to wear animal costumes.

That actually might make me watch hockey.

I can see it now the Ducks vs the Leafs Daffy duck pounding the hell out of some Tinkerbell.

Me too!

No way Ro we agree on something! Come on Bettman time to make it policy!