The bait

I just read that the Alouettes gave a two-years contract to Terrence Edwards, Robert's little brother.

What's your take on it ? Is Terrence just a bait to have Robert stick around, or do the Als really wanted/needed the young one?

My take is that T.Edwards is a pretty good player....

He played WR vs Edmonton had 6 catches for 44 yards.

He also did a pretty good job vs Ottawa, on kick returners with a TD, when Landry was out with hamstring injury.

Since Girard is an FA this year, he might leave,
O'Neill Wilson I don't trust him at all....
Ben Cahoon will probably retire after 2006 season
Terry Vaughn, Dave Stala, Kerry Watkins & Thyron Anderson ..option years are 2007 IIRC.

Keeping Terrence around is an insurance policy at WR & Punt return, even if the Al's are "stacked" at WR position.

As for Robert, he'll played even if his little brother is not there !

T Edwards does deserve more of a look next year, he seemed to show some flashes of talent; I think it was the right move keeping him around this year instead of Gilligan.

Will be sorry to see Girard leave, thought he could develop into something special with that speed, and you just can't have too many quality Canadians on your roster. The jury is still out on Wilson.