The B.C. Gunslinger coming to New England

I think its great that he comes to a team albeit a bad team to play unlike the Duuuuval Teal. The O-line for New England is abysmal but… I hope he gets his shot although I believe his best days would be in the CFL. I wish him nothing but the best…


I’m still hoping for a serious shot the NFL for Nathan !!!


Probably a better fit for him in NE - more of an opportunity to get playing time. Hoping he gets a chance and succeeds.


Sadly, the best thing for a Rourke return to the CFL is playing for Bill Bellichick. Once the most feared & calculating coachin in all of football (perhaps all of sports) Bellichick has transitioned to a curt, excuse-making gaffe machine who appears willing to coach for another 10 years. If Rourke was tarnished by his experience in Jacksonville, a Boston Nightmare awaits.

He may get playing time but to what purpose with a crap o line and team in front of him. Tom Brady in his prime would not really be able work well with this current team.
That being said the team is fully able to rebuild fast. They got the $$$$. So if he gets in on the ground floor and they build a team good for him I say

Hopefully, your assessment is incorrect. Let’s keep our fingers crossed