The Axe Has To Fall In Ottawa.

But to be fair, some of Montreal’s coaches were brought in after Sherman was fired: Gordon, LBJ, and (I think) McDaniel. And we do have an overly large number of “assistants” without specific functions.

My gut tells me Rick Campbell’s heart isn’t in it anymore. You can tell, when you’re a real hardcore fan, when you’re getting shafted by the team. That’s definitely the impression Ottawa is giving me. It’s the coach’s team, and he’s responsible for the record. Three and eight is not good enough, and what he did last year isn’t good enough, or the year before either. It’s what’s going on now.

If you’re in a business where every few years you tank it, you’re going to end up losing money.

I can’t pretend to understand business, or contracts, or the CBA, or anything. But as a fan, I get a bad feeling from this guy, and his record supports my concern.

Pure opinion follows:

Marcel Desjardins was a terrible GM his first outing in Hamilton. He was gifted a Vegas Knights expansion draft before the Knights even existed.

Once the contracts of the core of that team expired, he had another go at pruning the team and cultivating his own from scratch.

This year’s record is the outcome.

He feels most likely betrayed first by his OC leaving and then by Desjardins losing some players .

For me Powell was so important one thing they always looked for in a Back . Once he learned to block he covered the three parts for the position like no other . He could run , catch and block .

Remember last season early he lost his block and Harris got nailed didn’t see him do it again .

Late in the game he was great . Also Jeremiah Johnston was a work horse who showed he had skills years earlier . Not to have either one signed is a mistake .

Also as a fan you need some continuity and feeling this is our team and not a bunch of fly by nighters every year . Not sure if it’s Desjardins by himself thats doing this or someone else pulling the strings but it needs to stop .

As much as I cant stand Desjardins, I heard an interesting take on the radio the other day with regards to rebuilds in sports. “Most people get to tear it down, but many don’t get the chance to build it up”

If ownership was aware that the strategy for the team was to rebuild, and Marcel presented this as his plan to move forward why should the axe fall?

By comparison when a team severely underachieves (Kent Austin’s 0-8 Ticats) the axe has to fall.

If Marcel was clear with his bosses that it would be a rough year or two to develop the franchise, then nothing needs to happen if they’re on schedule.

The fellow who makes the allusion to the Vegas Knights has a point. The CFL assisted Ottawa greatly after the Year One fiasco, and every manner of all star was steered to TD Place: Sinopoli, Chris Williams, Greg Ellingson, Trevor Harris, etc. Ernest Jackson. What a team that was, and it helped to sell football in Ottawa, when the CFL wanted it to be sold.

Thankfully, the CFL is concentrating on Montreal this year, and many excellent players are finding their way onto Montreal’s roster.

It is like the Vegas Knights, Hank O1. In a fashion, it’s who is going to sell the most t-shirts that is going to get the serious backing from the League.

The honeymoon is over in Ottawa, and what an ugly mess it has become.

Yes the free agents from year two turned this team around instantly with Burris having proper targets , Protection and a running game when they finally got rid of the first year back who only ran north / south .

The expansion draft got them a base but they were not like the Vegas Knights in terms of success that was all draft and trades . They went to the Stanley cup finals year one .

The Redblacks were awful on offence year one and were last .

The honeymoon is over .

Okay, but went to the Grey Cup in year two, and won it year three. That’s why the Vegas Knights adopted the REDBLACKS formula in their own year one, ha ha.

Now, it was three years from inception to first Grey Cup win. After this season, it will be three seasons since the last Grey Cup.

I guess we can’t win every year, but we at least need to show an effort.

This team isn’t even doing that.

I thinka major shakeup is due. Coach Campbell deserves thanks for his work in Ottawa, but Desjardins needs to show that he can do the job on his own.

Of being a general manager, the late Bobby Ackles wrote “You can’t fall in love with your players. You just can’t.”

Marcel, take note.Many draft picks might be gained from moving some of Ottawa’s talent before the trade deadline. Brad Sinopolimight be greatly prized by a playoff contender, especially Edmonton.

You seriously believe that the CFL controls where free agents go? Completely disagree.

Ottawa’s second year was greatly based on their losing a bunch of contracts after year 1 and having relative tons of money to spend on free agents … simple football capitalism.

I would be interested in knowing who the players are that the CFL has “given” too Montreal.

I don’t think the CFL made the decisions, and I always scratch my head at people who assume that scenario, rather than the more obvious explanation: teams made an offer and free agents accepted.

However, I’ve always wondered whether OTT had an “understanding” that they could exceed the cap due to the importance of establishing a competitive team and . It seemed like they could lure any and all established/rising stars they wanted, including a second QB making starter’s money, and somehow it didn’t push them over the limit.

Perhaps that “understanding” ended and they had to ditch some of the high salaries for this year.

(Note: I have no factual basis for any of the above.)

Yeah, I’d call BS on that too. Name one player that Montreal has been “given” by the league. If anything we’re signing fewer players than other teams on account of the league owning the team and not wanting to shell out for players when new ownership has yet to be announced. Same reason we don’t have a new permanent GM but rather a three-headed interim GM monster.

The guys having breakout years are mostly players who were signed by Kavis Reed before he was canned, most of them before the league took over the team.

I’m certainly having to admit that I have no justification for making the claim that the CFL is promoting the success of one team over another. I can’t support any of my suspicions with facts. Even so, I’m not apologizing for my conviction.

Some of the shenanigans with David Braley and the Argos, Caretaker Bob, and other things, like the arrival of Ricky Ray in Toronto in advance of the 100th Grey Cup, make me wonder if the board of governors hasn’t got the interests in some clubs ahead of others.

I think there’s a lot behind closed doors that won’t ever come to light.

The fact is, Ottawa needed a winner to generate fan interest, and the CFL had to have that happen.

Montreal was in deep trouble, and remains something of a complete mystery, and yet the team is winning and looking fantastic while doing so. I think the CFL has something to do with that, although, as I say, I have merely my suspicions, but no evidence other than the sudden, inexplicable success of the team.

Als success is not inexplicable at all.

got a QB
a RB
a HC

All before CFL involvement. Not everything Reed and Mack have done was bad by any means.

The things you can, credibly, attribute to the league (as team owner) are firing Sherman, making Khari Jones HC, insisting that the team release Manziel, and firing Reed. But in that capacity, they’re acting as any good owner would.

If you’re an Als fan, you know there’s no mystery about why the team is succeeding. We finally have a good head coach, who understands how to get the most out of our young QB. We have a bruising running back, an improved O-line, and surprising depth at receiver. Our defense isn’t perfect but has come together under Bob Slowik, who has made the transition to three-down football faster than most American coaches who come up to Canada.

In short, the success of the team is not inexplicable. If you watch the games, you’ll see why.

I tend to want to agree.

The removal of the head coach and the general manager at the beginning of the season might have been considered signs of a bad organization. The team’s record indicates the opposite.

It is, however, somewhat astonishing that the Alouettes are succeeding despite changing the coach and general manager after the pre-season.

Further, if the CFL is acting as a responsible owner, it is a very good owner indeed. But this only adds fuel to the fire regarding the CFL’s vested interest in seeing the Montreal club succeed.

…not sure if this happened in the locker room or not in Montreal (perhaps those closest to the org here can weigh in) but I think another thing you could add to Montreal’s success this year is the desire of the players to play above the gong-show of setbacks and distractions that happened at the onset of the year…sort of a mentality that says ‘we’re not going to rollover and become the laughing-stock team here that everyone thinks we’re going to be’…

…on the subject of wailing because for the first time since their existence the RedBlacks are suffering some on-field lack of success, pfft, no sympathy…every team has it now and then…like someone noted before, 3 GC appearances in the past 4 years is nothing to whine about…ask a Winnipeg fan what perseverance is about…

Ask an Ottawa Rough Rider fan.

Part of the early success in Ottawa was that the league allowed the RBs to join the Canadian draft a year early, thereby giving them depth of NIs.
Sure , they were 2-16 in their first year but were competitive in every game at home.
The next year everything came together, largely because of a damn good coach.

Now after 4 years of success some fans want to get rid of the same guy who was smart enough to go the GC 3 times in 4 years, but suddenly got “dumb” after his offense was wiped out.

I still see a lot of guys playing damn hard on D. I’m sure they’ll be back sooner rather than later.

“If I listened to what the fans say, then I’ll be sitting with them.”–Marv Levy

Ask them what?