The Axe Has To Fall In Ottawa.

Rick Campbell leaves to take the B.C. job at season’s end. It’s agony and b.s. for Ottawa fans for the rest of 2019. Marcel Desjardins has a chance to make a strong statement now: fire the head coach, promote an interim assistant, even Joe Pao Pao, and be honest that it’s over for this season.

Thanks, Rick, but as you like to say, “If you don’t want to be here, we don’t want you here.”

Well I have analogous feelings about the Eskimos and Maas though not quite as strong.

So what then do you feel ought be a fair punishment rendered to Campbell on his way out?

No punishment, Paolo X. He deserved the community’s gratitude, for he returned Ottawa to football glory. He has achieved an impossible task of reviving CFL interest. He deserves thanks and praise.

But, no more b.s. You see, Campbell tells it like it ain’t. He - like Eric Tillman and possibly many others - believes that he is here to educate Ottawa fans. He has the ass end of that beast mixed up.

Why should Rick Campbell be fired? Are you holding him responsible for this years play?

And BC gave a long term contract to Claybooks. With the ops cap in place he won’t be fired. I’m not sure if Maas was extended but if he’s on his last year he may well be on his last legs.

Marcel let way too many players walk away.

Any coach in this league with DD and JJ as their QBs would be in the same boat. Not to mention losses like Powell and Ellingson.

Could be just an off year

Campbell deserves one more year.

Yeah I can find no justification for the GM in making the moves he did. Baffling to me.
Speaks to a certain level of arrogance, perhaps thinking of players as a “dime a dozen” a phrase that gets tossed around here a lot.

If Maas gets the slip then I can certainly see Campbell looking that way. All his life spent in Western Canada is hard to ignore.

…he’s under contract through 2020…he can’t just leave to pursue the HC job in BC, which isn’t a valid opening at this time anyways…whole lot of speculating on things in this thread…

…ORB’s problem was they let too much talent disappear…

This isn’t Jennings from years ago. Davis has never shown that he has the ability to start long term.
That is on the GM.
They lost a coordinator at the last second to the XFL as well. Hands tied with the new Ops Cap.

I don’t think either should go anywhere this year. If they make similar decisions next year, then maybe.

There will be more options available for QB next year. Both Arbuckle and Streveler will be free agents next year.

Well I’m not sure if Streveler will be available it could be Nichols.

…true 'nuf

I feel so badly for the OTT fans. Their team has not played in a Grey Cup in nearly 10 months. And let’s not forget, in 1 of the past 4 seasons, they did not even make it to the Grey Cup.

No one should have to endure this. The fans should revolt.

The phrase that comes to mind after reading this post is, “dripping with sarcasm” :slight_smile: Neither the Ottawa or Calgary head coaches are going anywhere. Maybe Desjardins is like Wally, let them go with one good year left in them before they fall off the cliff. They used to say Wally was the master at knowing when to let a guy go.

i so hope 2 c [previous 2 for some1 special on here] mike oshea as hc and gm of argos next yr !

…lol, ‘the suffering is real’…

#Melnykout ;D

But yeah, I don’t see Campbell going anywhere and see at least one off-season for Desjarsins work turn this in the right direction.

Don’t know that I have seen anything getting into the nitty-gritty of the Ops Cap … seems like teams would be REALLY handcuffing themselves if they can’t dispose of coaches with term remaining … the fact that Montreal has 11 coaches (the max) despite firing Sherman before the season makes me think that the cap (Numbers and dollars) may be for active coaches (i.e., those who are still reporting for work).

I’m not so sure. I think Montreal’s recent habit of spending loads of cash on no-longer-employed coaches was part of the impetus to institute the Ops Cap. Perhaps some of that spending has been grandfathered in, I’m not sure. Though Sherman’s salary, I would think, could not be grandfathered as he was relieved after the cap was brought in.

Maybe the cap is why the Lions and Argos have held onto losing HCs so long?

One can dig around to find it if you want to. But the cap includes both active coaches and amounts owing of disposed coaches and was widely chronicled. I’m not sure if there was a grandfather clause involved. I do know that Popp was quoted he’d have to factor in the money owing to Trestman. Suggested his new HC would need to also be a Coordinator.

It will, and is meant, to stop the rapid firing of coaches and just “eating” the dead money. However you mentioned BC and TO hanging on to losing HC for so long. So, you consider 1/2 season "for so long?’’

So …teams better hire well.

Campbell should stay he is not the problem .

Not signing replacements for key offence positions and not having coaches that can move into the OC position is the main reason for the failed season .