The Audacity

Who in the heck does Matt Dominguez think he is? He gets interviewed on the sideline about his injury and has the nerve to say that he will not be playing for the rest of the year, thanks to the Canadian Health Care System. He can't make it in the NFL so he comes to the CFL and has the audacity to knock Canada. Does he think that he is that big a star that he should be first in line? If you do not like the health care in Canada, go pay for it in the USA Mr. Bigshot!

Well actually I found it rather refreshing that he has to stand in line like all the rest of us mortals, instead of getting preferential treatment (as hockey players always seem to get).

Its not like it wasn't saying something that isn't true the healthcare system in Canada is terrible.

Terrible compared to what?

classless comment, Canadians have given him a job.... a well paying job.

I thought Dominguez made a tasteless, cheap-shot comment. I guess we poor colonials in The Great Frozen North failed to recognize what a VIP he is. Of course his surgery should come first... just ask him. What a graceless dork! No one else could possibly be more important than little Mattie.

Are you guys for real?? Its about time people step up and realize that health care in Canada thought it be free is terrible especially in Sask. It was very refreshing to see a pro athlete start knocking at issues that matter!!

You can be as refreshed as you want. He’s still a graceless toad for dumping on the land that feeds him.

His comments were out of line. If he wants to endure health care that costs a small fortune, let him stay in the US.

Our system has many flaws, but its far superior to anything in the US with only a few exceptions. eg: Waiting times for MRI and Cat scans.

Pro athletes are much more privileged than ordinary working Joes on both sides of the borders and this idiot still manages to complain about our system.

I just read this and called a friend. He said Dominguez did say it. Lost a lot of respect for him. Go home if you don't like Canada, Matt.

Every other system in the Western world.

I found it refreshing for someone to tell it like it is. So many of us are brainwashed by our media and politicans into thinking our health care system is perfect.

Why do we always have to compare ourselves to the Americans? There are other countries in this world. Sweden for example (that bastion of socialist ideals) have "two tier" health care.

Just wait until the baby boomers hit retirement, start popping pharmaceuticals, getting hip replacements and stuff like that. If you think wait times are bad now, darker days are looming.

Interesting how many people think his comments were classless, but Flick's rendition of the Oskee Wee Wee chant was given higher regard.

Who said anything about the Canadian Health Care System being perfect? Is there room for improvement with our system, of course? The point of this whole issue is Dominguez's holier-than-thou attitude. With football come injuries. If you don’t like the health care system in Canada, go play in the USA and pay for your treatment. Or better yet, fork out some of your cash and go home and get your knee repaired. Don’t expect that just because you play a professional sport, that you automatically go to the top of the list, because you don’t. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

You can get whatever you want here if you pay for it, everyone knows that. If it was Joseph they would pay whatever it cost and get it done. Jesse got an mri within a week, most people wait six months and if he needs to see an ortho surgeon he sees one that same week while most wait months. I am not saying its bad but money talks and two tier is here! and if its an important enough player it gets done.

I have always assumed that the clubs foot the bill to get the players whatever medical help they need, above and beyond what the rest of us get???

Sure its true but its our place to say it.....Not his.
Maybe he prefers the American system where if you are poor you get to die in the streets

He didn't say anything that countless other people say every day. This Canadian inferiority complex is quite pathetic. Maybe more public comments by non-socialist/hypocritical politicans will raise attention to the sorry state our healthcare system is in.

8) Just to let you know, Jesse got his MRI done in Buffalo !!!!!!!

I guess dominguez isnt so important then after all then if they wont pay to send him to get cared for. Theres lots of private mri clinics in canada, ive been to one but buffalo is way cheaper.

Go to his country and protest the war, see what happens.

IMO If you are not a citizen of this country you dont get to flap your gums about it.

Everybody just take a pill (ha ha).

Rather than all the "freedom of speech" clamour that goes on here when the mods take down a post, we should remember that we're allowed to speak out against the government whether a citizen or not.