The Atlantic Schooners!

I was just reading that Halifax actually did once have a team, almost.. it never played a game due to the lack of financial support for a cfl capacity stadium, the Atlantic Schooners.

One urban legend around the Halifax area is that the old scoreboard from the New England Patriots stadium is in a warehouse in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, left there awaiting the proposed stadium.

I'm from Nova Scotia and never heard about this before, sorry if this was already posted somewhere else, new to me!


The Halifax (Maritime) Schooners can't you people think of a better name then that it sounds retarted I would rather call them the Halifax FC as in Halifax Football Club.

C'mon scoops, do you know what a schooner is? Do you know anything about The Bluenose Schooner that was Nova Scotia's pride? I like the name. It invokes historical references to an era of invincibilty.
It's a strong name.

Schooners sounds like a wet fart. Call them the Bluenoses if you like that boat so much. Players could all paint their noses blue and act like they’re some kind of tribe. Would be good folklore.

Yes, the team existed for three weeks. They even had a logo for the team, which still exists on the internet. You can see it and the theoretical helmet design on under "CFL" (or simply the helmet on Also, I believe there's a fellow on Ebay selling a set of "Atlantic Schooners" decals (4), in case you are interested. THe only reason the team collapsed is because the government withdrew funding for a stadium, which, if I remember correctly, had the low price of $5 million dollars to build. At that point, the team died.

By the way, Schooners is a far better and more appropriate name than "explosion". (In the event that someone revives that ghastly idea).