The Art of the Steal: 10 hidden CFL Draft gems

With the 2022 CFL Draft just around the corner,’s Marshall Ferguson checks in with 10 draft day steals.

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I'm not surprised that Sean Thomas Erlington is on this list or that he's that high on the list because MF has always had a soft spot for him. But he's a backup at his position, not an every day player & that is one thing that distinguishes him from the others on this list. Personally I don't get it but I'm no expert. How he ends up in the company of Sinopoli, Lokombo, Gittens & Boateng near the top is a complete mystery to me. But that's me. :astonished:

I'm guessing because he was drafted so low?

Looking at the write-up on Howell, a round 7 pick is meant to be some no-name at the bottom of the roster who only plays special teams.

Sean T-E was drafted one round further down than that, so I guess he should have been training camp/pre-season fodder, but instead he's stuck around.

STE was a late rounder who not only stuck around but has been a starting RB with some very fine play for the Ticats. Shouldn't have been a big surprise to those who saw the guy play for the Carabins and a Vanier winning team.

OK - granted he was a late rounder & has had 12 starts in 44 games. So where does Johnny Augustine rate then? Undrafted, 6.8 yd/carry avg -full yard better than T-E? His chances of starting this year, with Harris gone, are a lot better than T-E's chances behind Jackson.
Look, Boateng rates behind him despite being in 64 games, 46 as a starter with 25 sacks. If you want to argue an 8th rounder is better than a 5th rounder, forget the stats, OK. Than how is a 3rd rounder with 13 games, 226 yds (Gittens Jr) better than a 6th rounder like Bergman? Due to factors, injuries, Thomas Erlington's had some bad breaks. But as a sidekick to Jackson is he going to make a bigger impact than Gittens Jr or, say, Hakunavanuh - or Boateng? Highly unlikely IMO.

No its not just you. He's a liability. He's been great when he gets rotated with another competent RB, but as a main player you're just counting the plays before he's taken out. Probably a decent play package player when you have a few options to give the D a new look but I'd keep that in mind. I'd be looking for contingency plans if he were drafted.

Pffft; Erlington's CFL career yards/carry average to this point is 5.8 (on 138 carries - so approx. a full season of RB work nowdays). Don Jackson's BTW is 5.4

If Erlington was an American RB, the usual suspect types would be calling for him to be a full-time starter by now; the lack of respect for Canadian football talent - by some - is sickening a times; IMO

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A full season of carries for a RB these days is more like 200 carries over 18 games - 138 over 4 seasons is also different than 138 over 1 season. Hardly a heavy workload. Shakir Bell, for example, had a 5.8 yd average on 181 carries over 15 games & put up 1050 odd yards. Nobody wanted him after that. The difference between being an American & National is that Erlington could put up a lot LESS yards & get paid more as a starter. If you've got a guy who the coaches think is good enough to start just 12 games over 4 years & has the production T-E has, an American would be near the bottom of the pay scale or unemployed.
Look, there's potential in T-E if he stays healthy especially in Hamilton who haven't had much resembling a run game since Gable left IMO. But, now 30, personally I don't expect much more than what we've seen the past 4 years. No offence, just my opinion.