The Arhols

Does Toronto need to die? I don't mean the city breaking off and sinking into Lake Ontario which I wouldn't be opposed too. J/k kinda maybe lol but do the Arhols need to stop existing for half a decade or a decade? Come back with a stronger plan stadium and all.

Maybe if they leave town, they could take the leafs with them lol

I know we had attendance issues here as well but I don't think for the same reasons

So what do you guys think. Would it help the Arhols if they press the restart button and would it hurt the league at all.

There were a LOT of Hamilton fans helping out these bums last weekend, and got screwed out of a win as appreciation by their GM.

Let them fall in the lake.

Yes, I am bitter.

I'm with you OF!

Yes, but it's not the Arhols just pressing a restart button. Doesn't look like MLSE wants them and Braley has already announced he wants to unload them, he may just walk away.
They could end up like Ottawa in 2005. No one wanted to buy them so they were allowed to die, eventually the OSEG group came up with the plan to bring football back. OSEG decided to cut ties with the past and not bring back the old name either, new team, new name, look to the future not the past.
I remember a few years ago when everyone said the NFL coming to Toronto would kill the Argos but Torontonians have killed the Argos without the threat of the NFL.
The days of some rich person paying the bills and subsidizing the CFL are over, it's time for all teams to be self sufficient.
We keep hearing from Argo fans that a move to BMO will solve all their problems but that's only going to happen if some owner is willing to buy them and can figure out how to make money at BMO.