The Argos

The only comment that I’ll make on this thread is this…Thank God that Gentle Ben isn’t our GM !! :o

All he wants to do is trade a 4-1 teams entire roster to a 0-5 team for a bag of magic beans and a couple of Slurpees . ???

But, based on his ideas for trades, he does sound like he could be a guy who might, also, have a plan to circumvent the Salary Management System and that could turn out to be very helpful. Couldn’t it?

The team we should be targeting for a trade is BC.

I bet Hervey would be interested in Demetrius Rhainey.

Luckily we have Jim Barker who knows the Argos roster very well. He won’t give up Hamilton assets but instead waits until Popp releases a decent player (Van Zeyl, Coombs) then picks them off for the Cats. ;D

I was referring to Argos’s’ GC wins: 2004, 2012, 2017.
We should just worry about our chances!

Same old, same old from Gerbear. Dump Jones and get something “shiny and new”. The Cats are building Canadian quality depth and Jones is part of that . :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( still using the same name from 2005)


Well if that’s the case then I guess we should just start calling him Gentle Kavis . ;D