The Argos

I watched the Argos vs Calgary last night in Calgary.
They are a big mess. Poor Corey Chamblin and OC Chapdelene are going to get fired now after and 0 and 5 start and pathetic performance last night. Chamblin went bolistic on a few players. Jim Popp has a history of pulling the plug about now and he will take over as head coach. The Argos were playing for their jobs last night and really only Micawe Awe and SJ Green showed up. I think the cats should offer Dane Evans, Mike Jones, Justin Tuggle and Richard Leonard for Micaw Awe and one of Franklin or Bethel Thompson. The Argos had 6 or 7 turnovers with Bethel Thompson throwing to a covered player in the Calgary’s side of the field. Without these intceptions and fumbles, the Argos had a chance to squeek out a win.
I noticed the Argos need a good QB badly. Should they bring Ricky Ray out of retirement ? i am kidding sort of.
The only other QB’S they could go after other than Dane Evans would be WPG backup Steveller, Collaros or Pipkin with Adams having success in Montreal right now. The Argos are going nowhere with Franklin or Bethel Thompson.
Calgary is a depleted team without Bo Levi Mitchell and receiver Jordon and off season losses of all stars DE J’Gared Davis and DT Micah Johnson, ratio buster mlb Alex Singleton, SAM Thurman, CB Ciante Evans and safety Odeleke. Calgary is not a great team this year.
The Argos provided very little pass rush and very poor tackling. On offence , their play calling was poor and execution poor. Their running game was awkward
The Team is a mess.

i can see Jim Popp taking over as interim Head Coach firing Chamblin, OC Chapdeline and the DC. As well. They should have kept Trestman in my eyes. If I were them , I might try to bring Trestman back or even go off the charts and offer the Head Coaching Job to Matt Dunnigan or even Kent Austin or Mike Benevedes. I am not sure what role Calvillo has but I might offer him the OC job.

I think both Bethel Thompson and James Franklyn will be cut or traded.
Most of the Dline will be cut or traded with the exceptiion of national Laing.
i think LB Wild and DB Woodson will be cut or traded.

This will all happen very soon knowing Popp’s history of low tolerance.
Let’s see how close my predictions are .

Hey Gerry Kretschmer, don’t worry about the Argos. In case you didn’t notice this is the Ticats forum. ::slight_smile:

Summary: The Argos are desperate right now, and might be willing to trade their only few good players for some of our castoffs, especially the one player that the OP really doesn’t like.

Still waiting for them to release Wilder so he can be our starting RB. ;D

Geez, Gentle Ben, I don’t think ant team makes a five for two player swap nearing the first third of the season! And most of your other suggestions are under contracts.

I think Popp will ride it out, or if history repeats, take over and continue to lose.

Was that Gentle Ben or a different ghost writter with that prediction?

If I am the Cats I am thrilled with Dane Jones and holding on to him. With Masoli a FA after the season he is a wonderful insurance policy.

I think the Cats had interest in Awe but he probably asked for more than the Cats were looking to offer. Thus we filled that need with a lower priced ex Argo. With the lower price you get the expected lower production. You can’t sign a team of all star FA’s in the CFL and stay under the cap.

They’re one & the same.

You want the ticats to trade a good qb for a guy you say was throwing to the other team all night.the argos pass rush was one of their high points last either didn’t watch the game or this long post was just a joke

I don’t get his trade scenario either. Dane Evans has shown he has some potential. Why would we want to help the Argos by giving them Evans for one of ther QBs that isn’t working out?

The Argos sucking at QB is their problem. Not our’s to try and fix with a sympathetic trade.

Let 'em sink.

Oh oh Ben. You stirred up the “elite” posters!

Well then it’s great that you posted.

You helped to create a counter-balance to the “elites” by contributing to the thread with “mediocrity”.

I would say it’s all evened up now. 8)

But look at his average lines per post. Best in the forum. :wink:

Agree, let them stink and sink. They have enough Grey Cup championships.

Yes so letz not waste our breath on them. They will get their act together at some time in future and will win GC again. You can bet on it! History shows that.
Letz just worry about our GC wins!

What Grey Cup wins are you referring to? This franchise has only threatened to win the GC once - 2014 - in this century.

But I do agree with you, Argos will figure it out sooner rather than later.

Without question a tough crowd. I am a huge fan of Micaw Awe and he might be the best mlb in the CFL . I like what I have seen from Dane Evans but I am not sure if he is #1 starter calibre and Franklin could use a change of scenery. I think Ungerer and Coombs or arrival of Mark Chapman and the possibility of an all import receiving corps could spell rhe end for Mike Jones.
I just think think the Argos are desperate for a QB and if we fully intend to keep Masoli that Dane Evans and a package could bring back Micawe Awe and that would upgrade our defence tremendously. Turn a weakness into a strength and Micawe has played under Mark Washington’s defence and linebacker coach Awe.

Hi Mightypope,

My post was very much about the Ticats as I was suggesting a possible trade with the Argos. Jim Popp will be getting a new QB soon so why not try to pry Micawe Awe from them .

You could be right about Coombs or Ungerer eventually replacing Jones. But for the moment, Coombs is our backup runningback, and Ungerer is injured and still unproven. Bad timing.

Also, not sure I’d trade our #2 quarterback away at this point in the season. The guy knows the playbook and system, and (likely) has some chemistry with our receivers. And Masoli might decide to try out free agency when his contract is up.

Hello CatsfaninOttawa,

It is my understanding the Ungerer will be healthy very soon and Coombs could play slotback. I’d take eitger one of them over Mike Jones and Jones salary is much greater than both.
I would only trade Evans if I was pretty certain that Masoli wants to stay and that we would be willing to pay the 700 k or so to keep him. If we got Franklin back he could bounce back in a new environment and could be as good or better than Evans and Franklin would know our offence from Condel in Toronto last year. Also, our third QB looked great in pre season and has been exposed to the offence. I would only trade Evans if we can get Micawe Awe. I think we would immediately have the best defence in the CFL with that upgrade.

Speakibg of the Argos, I think it would make alot of sense in signibg Tyrell Sutton with Erlibgton injured and rookie national Irobs starting. Tyrell would provide security if Irobs struggles or gets injured and he could be dressed and get at least 5 carries and used for short yardage as he is a load to bring down.

Your comments are interesting GentleBen, but you don’t seem to consider ratio, salary cap, and roster limitations. I don’t see Argos wanting to give up a starter for a third string back-up at QB. Plus Franklin would bring his contract with him, no doubt much higher than that of Evans.

Sutton is American and Irons and Coombs Canadian, so ratio issues arise there. And again, Sutton would probably want more than either of those two, so who would you cut to accommodate him on the roster and under the cap?

It’s great to bring in a big name, but if he drains your salary cap so that you can’t afford a supporting cast, you’re sunk. Look at Mike Reilly in BC. Ferrari engine in a Lada.