Everything for the Cats has gone wrong this year. so to top it all off (the so called spike in our coffin) The Argos will
win the Grey Cup.

I HATE THE ARGOS SO MUCH!!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I think you're right. Not only does Kevin Glenn look fidgety in the pocket and making bad "floater" throws, but when the officials miss an obvious pick play on an Argo know how this will end.

It has been ordered by "CFL Central" in 2012:

  1. The Argos will be in the 100th Grey Cup at home. -accomplished

  2. The Argos will win said game - still to be accomplished, but it will happen.

Agreed that Glenn looks a bit shaky. But that TD was actually a screen play, with Owens a couple of yards behind the line of scrimmage, so the block was legal.

If you say so. However the TSN announcers didn't think so. I admit....I'm biased. I loathe...hate...detest the Argos and feel that somehow something is fishy with them being in this game. The Ray trade was fishy. And if Tillman ends up in TO next year as GM...that will only confirm my suspicions.

No PI on that last "Hail Mary" play? Even aaccidental PI? They can say they're "letting them play", butu that should have been a penalty.

And I'm with you about the Arghs. I'm definitely pulling for the Stamps.

Is it just my TV or does the sound really suck. Burton Cummings Oh Canada was hard to hear and so is Gordon Lightfoot's singing.

I could hear Burton Cummings fine. But it was difficult to hear Gordon Lightfoot’s voice Canadian Railroad Trilogy - maybe better that way, as his voice isn’t what it once was. Sound is better for Marianas Trench, although that could be because they’re lip synching. I’ve heard worse acts, though.

Quite recently, in fact. :thdn:

Belli disqualified? Really? So out of character for him.

Poor Kevin Glenn. 12 + years and no ring. I guess that's why teams dont keep him. He has become another journeyman QB.

TOUCHDOWN !!!!!!!!!!! ARGOS......I CALLED THE WIN... How its about time I changed the channel !

AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGOOOOOOOOOS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Looks like the Argos will keep some extra fans till after the parade Tuesday. They will then resort to being Leafs fans again, and the same 2 busloads of Argos fans will remain.

Calgary did everything they could to lose this game… Seems odd eh, the most lopsided trade to bring Ray to TO then Calgary, the team who absolutely took it to the best team in the league, all of a sudden forgets how to play football…


Chris Jones, the very guy that David Braley was allowed to STEAL from the Stampeders is doing his old team in.

He is the reason for THAT teams victory today and throughout the season.

This factor taints the win, as far as I'm concerned. Without him, THAT team wouldn't even be playing in this game tonight.

All the BULLSHlT stars aligned for this perfect season for Team Blew!!


Not only did the Argos get Ricky Ray, but they stole Chris Jones from Calgary, who was under contract and was not given permission by Calgary to speak with Toronto.

But they were punished for it, you know. A whole $5,000. :roll:

Well, the other Braley team wins in 2012. Hmmmm. Very interesting.

"Well, the other Braley team wins in 2012. Hmmmm. Very interesting."

CFL policy simply boils down to what Braley wants...Braley gets....integrity be damned....

So.....Here we go 2013 is now up!...what happens Monday???? for our beloved Tigercats. :expressionless: :expressionless: ????