The Argos new jammies


I don’t know what you folks in Toronto think of the Argos’ new uniform, but this guy in Winnipeg is not impressed. I’m not impressed by any of the new duds but the Argos are the most dissappointing. For the last couple of years the Argos have been the best looking team in all sports. Now they’ll be wearing what amount to pajamas. Is this Reebok’s idea of a joke?

Have you looked at the Loins new dids. Now that is a joke.

I didn’t really see anything wrong with Toronto’s jerseys or any of the jerseys for that matter.

I think the jerseys are good, and people will buy them in droves.

Jammies eh? Do you remember the all powder blue ones from the 70s, mercifully only for a year or two? Those were jammies. I think simple is better, so I was not a big fan of the unis they’ve been wearing for the last 10 years. That said, they did win three cups in those jerseys! I liked the ones in the 80s the best…from 81-88 or so. The best thing I can say about the new ones is that they went back to the double blue!! Argooooos!!

REEBOK… has the same deal for uniforms with the NFL and NBA…I love the new CALGARY , TORONTO , TI-CATS and SASK ones.

REEBOK… has the same deal for uniforms with the NFL and NBA…I love the new CALGARY , TORONTO , TI-CATS and SASK ones. :smiley:

I am not too happy with the new uniforms. I love the fact that they are returning to the old double blue colours. The styling is too similar to some of the other teams… but I will have to wait until I actually see them on the field to know exactly how they will look.

I dont really like the new uniforms all to much. I liked the Ti-cats black and gold ones with the good old tiger face on the shoulder pads. I have to disagree with the new pouncing tiger, I dont think its as intimidating. Now in saying that The Stampeders do have nice new uniforms along with the Al’s but other then that total disappointment.

I was really disappointed with the Ticat uniforms, but it’s funny that I have read so many that really liked it. I really liked the old days with the stripes… but like I said previously, it is hard to say for sure until we see them on the field. I am sure we will get used to them very fast.

TORONTO , is now the right colours…I love them.

Honestly, how can anyone say the old uniforms are better than the new ones they just made. The new ones are so much sharper looking, with better styling cues. if you put the old ones next to the new ones you will see how bad the old ones looked. The argos logo on the shoulders was brutal, and it was massive. Finally they’re back to their old colours.

Right on :smiley:

Ya I really like the new jerseys…I would LOVE to see a 3rd powder blue jersey…I would buy that one in a heart beat.

Whatever they’re wearing, the Boatmen will dominate!!