The Argos are reeling; would they bite on a Printers trade?

You have to think Kerry Joseph will be cut soon if the Argos can aquire someone who they think would be more effective, and who Matthews likes better.

This may be our chance to pick a dying corpse for a few more pieces of the puzzle.

Toronto isn't oposed to taking on big contracts. I say trade Printers to the Argos for receiver Reggie McNeal and a D-Lineman, then let Williams take over as #1.

Remember, we don't play the Argos again this year, so we wouldn't face him on the field in 2008. Yes, this deal would hurt us if Printers lit it up for the Argos, but they have so many weak areas on their team, the chances of that happening are remote.

Macks Milk might bite? What would we get in return?

8) Nobody is going to trade for Printers with that contract he has !!
 Cats only hope is that they sit down with Printers at the end of the season, and try to re-negotiate that big contract to something more reasonable  !!

 If that fails, I could see the Cats just releasing Printers in the off season  !!         <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

 All will depend on how Printers performs for the balance of this season  !!          <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

They should bite on a NML trade. There is another huge salary we don’t need.

I can't see them wanting printers.....i think they would rather have williams.....but i would rather not trade williams :smiley:

They don't need CP. They have their own highly paid, under-performing MVP QB. One per team is quite enough.

An Argo-Cat fan

The Argos might be very willing to acquire Casey Printers and trade or release Kerry Joseph. When Casey Printers was the CFL Most Outstanding Player in 2004, his offensive co-ordinator was Steve Buratto, the current Argo offensive co-ordinator.

I wondered that last night as I watched the Argos staggering. If they were interested in Printers, is it possible Hamilton may release him in the offseason thus, making Casey a free agent?

Be nice just to see the cats take someone else in a trade for a change. I am sure they would listen to offers on anyone right now. For whatever reason it hasnt worked out for cp here but I dont think he is done either and will rebound eventually either here or somewhere else. If charlie was the problem holding him back we will find out soon and if its mb then its not gonna get any better. I dont think his contract would stop anyone from trading for him cus they can just dump another salary or two and if printers comes in then the number one there is going out. No qb has looked good consistently here in a long time and if printers moves to a contender I wouldnt be suprised if he rips it up again. he wouldnt be the first.

If we trade Printers it WILL come back to haunt us. How about Printers for Joseph? That's a possibility, but more likely the Argos would want Williams as a legitimate backup to joseph. Similar style. And much more likely. I expect that trade sooner than later especially if Porter sees action tonight and does well.

I love Joseph, I still think he's the most exciting QB in the CFL. But when you give your QB no protection and you have a pourous defence even an MVP QB can look bad.
Having JOseph a 1,000 yard rusher alongside Lumsden a potential 1,000 yard rusher would be fantastic!

You're not telling US ANYTHING we don't already know from first hand experience

I dont see printers on a mathews team.