The Argos are DEAD

Sadly…no one seems to care anymore

Yes a few of us who skipped school, went to the Eastern final, and Grey cup parade still care(in 1983), and love the double blue, just look at the stats on the argofans forum or the forum here. The numbers tell the story, that nobody really cares.

Its sad, and kills me that aside from maybe 3 or 4 thousand loyalists, there is ZERO growth in the fanbase of my fav team.


Je ne vois pas ce qui présage à tant de pessimisme.

Les Argonauts ont maintenant un DG qui connaît la ligue comme le fond de sa poche, un entraîneur-chef qui a montré qu'il a de la rigueur et qu'il peut remettre une équipe sur les rails, il me semble que cette équipe est en bien meilleure position qu'il y a 6 mois.

Put up a poll on the main CFL talk and you'll find a fair number of contributors to this site are Argos fans...we just don't use the argos' sub-forum as the tiger-cats' fans use theirs.

Argofans is pretty dead also: Members: 538 Active Members: 91

Argos had almost 17000 average out to the games last year. That was with the team giving up after civic holiday and we had the worst schedule for the last 2 seasons that I have ever seen. 2.8 million tuned into some part of the Ti-Cats Argos game during labour day game on TV . 17000 attendance we think was a disaster but TFC on the MLS site said they had 25500 average and they had the top team in the MLS in standings and payroll and first choice on a schedule that we didn't have.
Divide 25500 into 17000 and it equals 67% of the TFC attendance. Argos are far from dead and I think fans will respond if they play exciting hard hitting football. Too much attention lately on the league for people not to be noticed in the TO region.

It is time for the players to step up.

The Argos need time to rebuild the brand, and IMO it's going to be a 5-10 year rebuild.

Will it happen ? Who knows, but with new Ownership with some seriously deep pockets, and success running other franchises, I think it's unfair to say that the Argos are dead at this point. As hard as it may be due to how long it's been, we need to be a bit more patient, for hopefully just a little while longer.

Popp and trestman will build a great team and if that does not put bums in the seats ,the argos are done in 3 yrs.

Hopefully SJ Green is fully recovered and back to his old self. This is a big acquisition if that's the case.

Agreed good acquisition and especially as it did not cost too much.

Je lui souhaite et vous le souhaite également, mais ce genre de blessure est généralement difficile à surmonter pour un receveur, surtout un grand gabarit comme Green. S'il peut demeurer en santé et à plein régime, il sera un atout majeur. Mais j'ai l'impression qu'il va avoir laissé de la vitesse derrière lui et qu'il sera plus facile à couvrir qu'avant. Son avantage est qu'il connaît parfaitement le système de Trestman et que Ray est un grand passeur. Mais le jour où Ray sera blessé de nouveau (ça arrivera), la contribution de Green pourrait tomber, comme celle de toute l'attaque.

SJ's game was never speed. He has a great wingspan, great hands and he uses his strides very well on approach. Kind of like Nik Lewis. Lewis isn't fast but other attributes make him who he is. As an Als fan I'm really pissed with the cut.

C'est vrai que le jeu de Green n'a pas été axé sur la vitesse, comme Kerry Watkins, par exemple. C'est plus sa façon de couper dans ses tracés pour se démarquer qui a été sa marque de commerce. Mais il a tout de même besoin d'une certaine vitesse pour maintenir sa démarcation. C'est ce qui a manqué à Richardson après sa grosse blessure et qui a mené à la fin de sa carrière de joueur. Il était devenu plus facile à couvrir par la suite. Je crains que le scénario ne se répète pour Green, mais bon, tant mieux pour lui s'il me fait mentir. C'est un joueur que j'ai toujours aimé.

Alors, ça va dépendre de son jeu. Je suis déçu parce que SJ a été un grand receveur des Alouettes et qu'il aurait été une marque de reconnaissance de lui permettre de tenter son retour à Montréal; mais si son jeu fait qu'il ne peut plus donner sa mesure, ou qu'il se blesse de nouveau pour une période prolongée, l'équipe aurait alors fait le choix qui s'imposait, même si c'est une décision crève-coeur.

We desperately need a winning season to attract the fair weather band wagon types.
That's providing these now actually exist?

I have tried to get registered to for a long time and it just will not let me post anything so I have given up

You're not missing much, that place is a shell of its former self, and a lot of now former posters have left.

Sounds like every season ticket holder is getting up to 10 free tickets for the exhibition game. They did this last year also.

Not a good omen.

There is a buzz amongst Argonaut fans, but a silence beyond that group. I really wish the casual GTA sports fan would give the Argo's a chance.

I also don't think that Jeffery's commercial is going to put 15 people in the stands at BMO.

Casual fans follow the crowd. It will be up to us to create a buzz so people will follow. It will be up to the team to do their part.

Rogers Sportsnet did a poll and they asked if Canadians viewed the CFL as a Iconic in Canada and 60 + % said yes so the fans are still there. I will post it

Argos are far from dead this year especially after yesterday's thrashing of montreal 38-6! Though anytime we run up against Calgary it will seem like it... Next week not looking too good...

As long as they continue to play like they did yesterday, especially at home, the fans will come back.

On the field the Argo's are VERY much alive. With a Healthy Ricky Ray, the Argo's should represent the East in the Grey Cup.


The Ex game drew 16K, still a CRAPPY crowd. Hopefully with all Saturday home games for the balance of the seasonattendance will pickup. Any crowd under 20K is a FAILURE in a market of 6 million.

Other than the upper east side - which has seen some fantastic promo offers this season - the Argos continue to price themselves like a major league property in a market that perceives them as a minor league property.

The argos will never sell out unless they either price themselves accordingly at all areas of the stadium, OR the market changes their perception of the team.

I'd say, they need to do the first to eventually - over many years - become the second.