The Argonaut bias this league shows is sickening

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Ranks Hamiton over BC but not Hamilton over Toronto even though Hamilton layed a beat them two games in a row? Doesnt make a whole lot of sense to me.

its power rankings aka useless stats, its something for media to talk about on a slow day, nothing big

TSN sees the power rankings just a little differently: :slight_smile:

Last 10 games played
Stamps.....8 w...2 l (12-3)
Ti-Cats.....7 w...3 l (8-7)
Argos......6 w...4 l (9-6)
Lions......6 w...4 l (9-6)
Riders....5 w...5 l (10-5)
Al's........4 w....6 l (6-9)
Esks.......2 w...8 l (3-12)
B.B.'s.....2 w...8 l (3-12)

Proof is in the pudding....after an 1-4 start,the Cats are on a 7-3 tear,and are clearly the last 10 games, only behind the Stamps who have been consistent all season going 8-2 down the stretch.The Argos,I repeat the Argos....will NOT be in this years Grey Cup......The league moved heaven and earth to insure that "GODS" team won last years 100th Cup...Fat lot of good it did them......maybe somebody should tell the people of Toronto about it,cause obviously no one seems to give a Rat's Arse about their so called Championship Team.....If it ain't wearing skates,Toronto just isn't interested.

That is not "THIS LEAGUE". It is one dude's opinion. I don't quite understand how this can be making you sick. Do you take Turkeybend's opionions seriously too ? :lol:

A 8 team league does not need power rankings . Fairly easy to figure out, especially when every team plays each other multiple times. The entire process is a waste of energy . Getting hung up on them is ridiculous. Not like they award the Grey Cup on power rankings :roll:

Power Rankings have less rellevance then Chowder Rankings....then again...I enjoy me a good Chowder.

I will admit though, as a Hamilton fan, it's the little things about the Argos and how desperately the league and TSN are desperately tryin to sell Toronto on the Argos. I mean the Extra Yard Documentary, the 100th Grey Cup, how Ricky Ray is the greatest player of all time (although he's good, I'll give you that) and the subtle digs at the opposistion in the commentary and praise for the Argos.

Anyways, to argue in their favour, Toronto has beaten every team in the league (including themselves! :lol: ) where as sure, the Ti-Cats got swept by Sask and Calgary and lost a game to Edmonton. Also the Argos do have a better record, no arguing that fact.

An Argo team in their own stadium in Toronto really helps the CFL. Right now, the Argos are a limbo team and I'm not sure how much they help the CFL. Their former owner admitted they screwed up, Cynamon, saying they failed at getting a new stadium. Yes, they did fail and in no way should this league be doing anything like compensation for the Argos because the city and no one there can get there act together for the team. The Argos SHOULD be supporting the Roughriders based on population and all that.

If Braley can't do an Argo stadium deal, Argos are toast in Toronto and that is for the benefit of all. Cynamon failed and his bud Sokolowski and they admit it.

Is TSN worried the Argos can't get a stadium deal done? Oh yea. And forget BMO Field, drove by there today, the thing is all "TFC this" and "TFC that" with signage from the Gardiner and red seats. That ship has sailed as has Varsity.

The Argos and city of Toronto could be a complete joke for the CFL and for the city and team if the new stadium deal doesn't get done and if TSN doesn't admit it. TSN might have to say "who cares about Toronto" and I'm not so sure they will be able to do that. Sometimes you have to shut down a franchise in business even if the company would love to keep it going on location alone. But doesn't always work like that.

So bias, well let's see how this turns out. Pressure is on a lot of factions on this one as it appears TSN really does need an Argo franchise to be successful. MLB could care less about the Blue Jays, them going down the tubes affects nothing for the league. Hopefully the CFL will see it the same way but also hopefully the Argos will get their new digs and bring the spirit of Canadian football back to this huge monstrosity of a city.