The Appeal to Simsub on Super Sunday

Bell was/is slow to change. No different than brick-and-mortar retailers' challenge with e-commerce.

"Slow to change" or however someone wants to call it doesn't mean BCE is stupid. :wink:

Edward Jones & Co. analyst David Heger said in a phone interview that selling off some media assets makes sense for [b]Rogers. The media unit’s profit trails that of rival BCE[/b], in part due to rising payrolls for baseball players, he said.

The game isn't on City (Rogers.) It's on CTV.

I can't read that article as it seems you need to be a subscriber. I realize Bell is carrying the SB, was just trying to prop up Bell's image here after you seemed to be saying Bell was slow to change with the issue of simsubing, I presume anyways. Probably wasn't relevant for me to post what I did but I have a habit of doing this, some might say. :wink:

Bell is on a bit of NFL overload tonight - in part because of the simsub rules. The first NFL game this afternoon was only on the NFL Network south of the border so it was only on TSN up here (1, 3, 4 and 5) - since there was no simsub opportunity.

But because the second game (Vikings-Packers) was on NBC - Bell put it on CTV so they could simsub. But it was also on the 4 main TSN channels too. So on my cable I could watch the game on 7 different channels tonight. The Detroit NBC channel I get - with the CTV signal simsubbed over it - CTV Toronto, CTV Kitchener, TSN 1 , 3, 4 and 5.

But I suspect - even with the game on all those channels - like most - I was watching HNIC with on CBC my Leafs eeked one out over the Rangers.

Wife and me watched Bridge of Spies, excellent movie by the way, on the History Channel which we are now getting in free preview but did flip a bit to watch my Vikings with Keenum and company destroy the limp Packers and also the Leafs game. Matthews is back I see and contributed.

Will the Vikings be the first team to host a SB and play in the big game? Here's hoping!

Waiting for family to arrive so I thought I would write something on this Christmas Day.

I don't want "Protected" Canadian entities to dictate policy. I'm talking about Bell, Rogers, other media, financial, CBC etc. Volumes of legislation and rules protect these companies so they won't get squashed. Just reading today - almost all US news. CRTC is doing very little. How about all the US companies that do quite well in Canada - did they do anything for the 150th anniversary. nope. What if it was the US 150th. Something not right for a country like Canada and the government needs to take it back. How does the MLS, NBA, MLB qualify as Canadian content. We all know they don't.

Too many of these types of protected companies will make choices that may hurt other Canadian Institutions and would make selfish decisions to only help themselves. Government being pushed now and they need to fix it!

No question without protection most Canadian companies are toast and as we may find out with NAFTA under and tough American President, Canada is toast. Trudeau can talk tough but my guess is Trump and America Trump Trudeau or any Canadian PM unless the PM admits he/she is in an inferiority position.