The anticipation of the Eastern Final is killing me

Let me say this…

The last two weeks I have missed football and I been thinking about this game and its been eating at me since we found out we were in the final and had the bye week. Its been a long time since we been in a situation like this where 1 month before the season is over we pretty much knew we were clinching 1st.

Anything less then a grey cup appearance is a failure to me. Win or lose we have to give this team a standing ovation at the end of this game for the excellent year we had but this is it, 2013 and 2014 didn’t have that feeling like this does. I never been so hungry to win the grey cup then this year because I feel THIS is the best season ever and the best team we ever had before, including that 1998 and 1999 team.

20 years is too long. The hard times of not having a proper stadium and Bob Young bailing us out back in 2004. Third time is a charm. We need to finish this. There is nothing else left to do.

Brandon Banks, Mike Filer, Luke Tasker, Simoni Lawrence and a few others who were with us back in 2013 and 2014 know what this felt like. We cant let Greg Ellingson and Trevor Harris get the better of us like there did when they played for Ottawa.


Let me say this…

Recently reflecting on my TEAM, I realised since 1967 WE have only won 3 Grey Cups. For a such a storied franchise from my youth in the sixties this is an amazingly bad stat. I hope that this is the start of something truly great. I have been told all of my life that you get to relive your youth in your dotage. Now I get to find out if it is true.

I feel like Bob deserves a Grey Cup. He had done everything in his power to bring the right personnel, coaching to this team.

Let’s go Cats, do it for Bob and the city of Hamilton??

The fans deserve a Cup!

Since that Centennial year championship, Mike, you’re talking a fan span of 51 seasons, not counting this one, during which our team won the cup 3 times. :frowning: That’s the number of times they won it in a 5-season period in the mid '60s. ;D I’ve been reliving my youth, and the confidence I had then, as a TiCat fan, a lot this year. It recently crossed my mind that, if the Tiger-Cats win the Grey Cup next week, it will be the first time, since 1963, they will have done so, without me in the stadium. I’m, unusually, confident that will be the case. Would love to be there in Calgary, but a couple of tough cases of Grey Cup Pneumonia are also strong memories which, I think, have reduced my likelihood of attending future Grey Cups to a single venue. As for tomorrow vs. EDM – I do, sadly, remember 1981 but Orlondo Steinauer is a lot different than Frank Kush – I’m not concerned.

I’m sure Eisenberger will be proud. 8)

Well said! While I won’t be at the game, I’ll be cheering loudly from home!! GO TICATS! TIME TO BRING HOME THE CUP FOR THE CARETAKER AND MIKE!

This is the first time in many, many, many years that I actually have butterflies in my stomach in anticipation. I don’t want to walk out of THF cranky because we lost. I freakin’ hate that feeling!!?

I want to drive home happy to an awaiting celebratory roast beef dinner!!??

Good thoughts everyone. Karma?

Yes, of course and the fans!!!?

It feels like Christmas today?I’m pumped for this.

Let’s hope the fans get a new bike under the tree, no socks or underwear ?

46 years as a Season Ticket holder and many more as a fan, and I gone through many phases of fan worship. As a child I saw the players as Superheroes, as an young adult, they were the cool kids, later I felt like a parent watching my children. This year, I have felt a change again. This group of young men are Heroes, on and off the field. I am very proud to cheer them on. Go Cats!

No butterflies here . Let’s just say confident and anxious as opposed to cocky .

I just laid out all my gear for the game :

Black Ti-Cat hoody…check
Black Hitchcock jersey…check
Black Ti-Cat toque… check
Black Ti-Cat cap… check
Black Ti-Cat scarf…check
Black Ti-Cat hand clappers…check
Black play-off rally towel…check
Black Sunglasses…check
Black track pants…check
Black boots…check

OK I think I’m ready . I’ll see ya all down at the stadium . I’ll be easy to spot , just look for the guy all dressed in black 8).

Oh and enjoy yer roast beef Lenny as for me I’m looking forward to my celebratory pork tenderloin dinner that will be awaiting me , washed downed of course by a few celebratory ice cold beers . ;D

Beer cozy?

I feel so much better now!

Next Sunday I’ll be a mess in anticipation. Glad I can just sit at home…nobody other than my wife…and watch the game.

Today at the game was a blast!!

Family roast beef dinner tasted soooo good. (Along with copious amounts of wine?)