The Anti-Action Point Alliance

Im still confused about the quick kick?? Is it a punt, or perhaps
a short kick???

When i get it figured out I'll move onto the action play. LOL

it's a punt. unless when you say a short kick is a on side kick, in which case it's a punt becase No Yards applies to Quick Kicks, while it doesn't on Kickoffs.

I'm 1000% sure, I learnt that from this forum.

So what did Calgary do against BC 2 yrs ago??

If your talking about the game in 2004, it was a Quick Kick, and they were successful and should have go the TD and the win, but the idiot refs called it back!

They preformed a quick kick so perfectly that even the refs were taken by surprise and disallow the game winning TD.
The coaches even warned the refs it was going to happen.

Go clean up your own Country and game before worrying about ours.

Yes ,everybody, since I've been on this site, I have learned so much about Canadian Football (a great game!), and I thank you all for that!

but don't ever think I'm gonna ever accept the Kick Convert and Balls hitting the uprights as dead balls, just not gonna happen. I like to see the CO stay, but if it is to survive, somethings have to chage about it IMO. and I like to see the "C" more than "55" in the centre of the field (just as some would like to see the CFL logo and the team logos).

OT loss is done in CIS, and was done in the CFL, whether it comes back or not doesn't matter. I think Zartan is on too something here with a extra preseason week. Punt Penalty we are going to see sooner or later. like RW said, OT doesn't happen often but I still believe in my system.

every fan wants to chage something about the game, just re read what some said in this topic (how much they wanna chage doesn't matter):

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Ya know what your problem is Kanga?
You have us confused with people who care.

See, the thing is, Kanga, you really don’t have a choice but to accept it…it’s part of the game…you don’t have to like it, but you do have to accept it, because there’s not a damned thing you can do to change it…

Well, I can write a letter to the commissioner, start a petition, and pray like crazy, but the the chance of it working is still slim to none.

Good.....write your letters, start your petitions, and pray like crazy, but don't do it anywhere near this forum, because judging from the recent response, most of us could not care less about your obsession with changing it anymore.....

there must be something better to talk about than all these crazy rule changes.lets move on!!!

agreed, I talk about other football issues instead like KJ, DD, politics, etc.

You can write Wright if you want to but the petition won’t happen. Look at your polls and how many of them have been ??? to 1. No one likes your rule changes and therefore it won’t happen. You can bring it up once, that’s alright, but when you bring it up over and over and over again you begin to sound like the crazy guy on the street with the billboard strapped to your chest saying the world is going to end. People just look at you and go what’s up with that guy.

And if the chance of it working is slim to none then you should probably just accept it won’t change and accept the game for what it is worth even if you don’t like some aspects about it.

Alright time to get this thread back on track
I made this thread to try and convince - through evidence and approval - that the Action point is a BAD BAD BAD idea. Here's another piece of evidence:

WE ALREADY HAVE THE ACTION POINT! it's called the 2 point conversion, and you have the choice to take it! The only difference between your action point and the 2 point conversion is that it is a risk, giving you less points than you would with a kick conversion.

The CHOICE of the conversion is the important part, Kanga. I want to alert you to something very important in the world of football - in the NFL, we had no rouge and no 2-point conversion, and playing Tecmo Super Bowl from 1991 is a chore because I don't have that 2-point option. You would basically have me go back to those days, but make my conversion chance much lower.

One more thing: Dick Vermiel made a cheat sheet back in the 1960's when he was a coach at the college level (graduate of my current school, btw). It shows you when you should go for two, and when not to. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR ALL COACHES TO KNOW - even if it is pretty basic logic. I don't know where it is, and it's too long to regurgitate here, but enough watching and playing of the American game and you memorize it. With the rouge in the CFL, it's usage is obviously a little more limited, but it's still a part of football.

Oooh! Here's something you may like - I don't like the rouge because of it's impact on the 2 point conversion.

I don't really know how I'm going to get you to embrace the variation of a touchdown, Kanga...I'd really like to find a way to make you understand that the action point is a remnant of a long-gone era of football where kicks were the only conversions.

I know that you glean the kick convert from rugby and would like to see the thing be harder if it stayed in the game, but I will remind you that the Brisbane Broncos coach consistently argues against the existence of the conversion, making the value of a try the same wherever you put it in the end zone. I'm sure he'd be one of those types that would support the one and two point conversions (I've actually had people on Rugby League threads say just adopt the American Football scoring system).

Ooooh please please give me a seat at the table. I have been trying to convince Kanga he is crazy ever since he came here. I voulunteer for whatever position I can get.

I think it's time for me to start my own website and not be on this forum so much.

When I have it up and running (which will not be for a while), I'll post in a topic, so that those minority on here that like my ideas and stuff can come to it.

I'll still talk on here, but not as much. I think that's the best option for all. If you care or not.

You guys are way too hardline.

Steveo way to go. I hold nothing against KK but the action point sux. The risk off taking a 2 point conversion is a great way to add action and excitment into the game. Ya a single PAT attempt can get boring but when a team goes for 2 it builds alot of tension because it shows how critical the game is.

Sign me Stevie.....I'm tired of it too!


Ah, got another "yes" vote. See, I maybe in the minority, but I'm not the only one here.

Steve, I could totally take your agument apart here, you want me too? cuz I think most people here don't want me to go on anymore.

No no no no no, Kanga.....the whole point of this thread is to indicate that this has been talked about enough.....taking his argument apart Kanga-style at this point would only serve to further aggravate, oh, say.....everyone.....