The Anti-Action Point Alliance

I oppose the "Action Point"
I figure that most of the rest of you do as well.
However, Kanga keeps focusing on this and bringing it up in his posts, and I'm looking for a way to make him stop obsessing over it.
The action point will never come back Kanga, so you should focus your concern on something else.

Here is why the AP is dead forever:

  1. The nature of football scoring is based on 3-point margins between scores. A touchdown is 6 points and a field goal is 3 points. The 2 point and 1 point conversions make it so a team has an option to go for 2 at a significantly higher risk than 1. The NFL did not use the 2-pt conversion until 1995. The AFL used it between 1960 and 1969, but when the two leagues merged it was removed. The 2-point conversion has been a part of gridiron history and is an integral part of lower-league football as well as that of the NFL and CFL brands. The Action Point would remove this choice and variation in the game, giving coaches and players less choices and options when playing their game.

  2. Tradition makes the game a counting-by-sevens-and-threes phenomenon. Giving a team an average of 7.4 points per touchdown would give you some football-stupid scores like 23-18. While it's simply a matter of a policy change, traditionalists and lower leagues wouldn't want this change at all.

  3. The kicking game in both the NFL and CFL is an important part of the game. The objective of the old WFL was to de-emphasize the kicking game to blasphemous proportions, making a kicker's duty even less while still requiring him to fill up a full roster spot. In all likelihood you could have a highscoring game where a first-string kicker has absolutely no duties.

Add any more?

...........stevey, You are President, I am Secretary-Treasurer of this Association........

I definitely need a position on this one.....I noticed no one has volunteered for vice-pres or PR work.....count me da man, Steve.....

Is this a slap in the face if I ever saw one.

Past: 6 (or 7) points for a TD, 3 Points for a FG, 2 points for a safety, 1 point for a kick convert, 1 point for a single
Current: 6 points for a TD, 3 points for a FG, 2 points for a safety, 1 or 2 point converts, 1 point for a single
What I want to see: 7 Points for a TD, 3 Points for a FG, 1 point for a Extra Point Try, 1 point for a Single

it's sad that choches will lose the opinion of chosing where to go for one or two, but what is lost is a boring and sometimes embarrassing part of the game and what is gained is more excitement.

  1. I never said I wanted to chage the lower leagues (God, I wish that the AHL keep all the rules they did last season), you will need kick converts to develop a younger kickers accuracy and trandisionaist will need a lower league to still do the Kick Convert, like the CJFL (where you can start at the 20 yard line just for getting the ball out on a single attempt), but it's not needed in the CFL, the pro league.

How can you be against the scores? you can get great close games like 22 to 21 or the GC would have also be exciting this year as any year. Yes, you can get scores like 23 to 18 and 44 to 23, but that happens with of w/o it.

  1. I know, but even with the Kick Convert gone, the kicking game is still an important part of the game with Field Goals (where Kick Convert like situations can still happen), Punts, Kickoffs, and especially Quick Kicks. With the Single, the kicking game is also more important than the NFL or Rugby, etc. BTW, the CFL has combined the kicker and punter jobs, so that decreases the kicking game, so why not just axe the kick convert as well?

and though out this history, Canadian Football has always tried to be it's own unique game. I believe that with this, it could make a huge step to be it's own game. Keep kick converts in Rugby, that's where they belong, but not in the CFL

BTW, I don't the name Action Point (even though I've used it a lot), and I'd rather call it the Extra Point Play or the Extra Point Try.

leave the cfl the way it is

we don’t need any rule changes, there’s nothing wrong with the way the game is played today.

this site is for people who love the cfl.why would you come on here and try to change the game we all love?

Becase I love this game too, and I want to see it be (in my mind) become better.

You guys seem to think I’m doing is to weack the CFL, if that were ture, I wouldn’t be here.

when i watch a game any game in the cfl i am glued to the tv for four quarters.first im a rider fan second i am a cfl fan.i love watching great football and thats what the cfl has to offer GREAT FOOTBALL

well go to wife is pregnant so we are going for the second
ultrasound.has nothing to do with football but im just a future proud father.another future rider fan on his way.


…it is fine the way it is, it is a free world in North America and you can express your thoughts as you please but at some point you have to realise we a) do not care, b) do not agree, c) do not have any more patience for inane and far-fetched rule changes that WOULD make the game different but not necessarily make it BETTER…

It's amazing that this is an issue on this forum though. The WFL is 31 years dead and it's remains leave an impact in the minds of all fans.

I just want to tell all of you that I respect Kanga a lot. He's very eccentric, but without him I'd be the one discussing rule changes up the wazoo and whatnot. The only problem I see here is that he's not dropping the issue, so please don't make character attacks at KK - he's a great guy, he just needs to be convinced that the Action Point...and everything else the WFL brought to the table...are absolutely stupid.

/unsecretly wishes for the NFL to adopt 110 yard fields and goalposts on the goal line.


What ever position is left on the committee. I want it.

Alright ... I've heard it mentioned before, but never explained. What's the action point? How's it work?

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OK, yeah, I too am vehemently against it ...

it seems to me that there are codes to each of these sports.

Rugby: Kick Converts and no 2 point conversions

NFL: Kick Converts and 2 point conversions

CFL: same as NFL (but I'd like to chage to just Extra Point Plays)

and you guys know that I'd never just chage the game, I'd test all these in a lower league and/or an Ex game frist, give everyone in attendance a survey, and see how they like it when it's done in front of them for there own eyes. if they like it, GREAT, if they don't, back to the drawing board. It's just I'll never accept the kick convert, I can't.

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and I honestly believe that if I were born in Canada, you guys wouldn't be so hard on me. My "proof" is that when Zartan did his idea. almost everyone accepted it, when I reiterated it, everyone shut it down.

and if the XFL didn't do it, the EPA would be more popular. God knows I didn't watch becase I thought games were staged.

maybe we would not be so hard on you if you didnt want to change every single think about the game, our Country, our borders and our flag

all for the better, not the worst, if it was for the worst, I wouldn't be on here.

game: I don't know how many times I have to spell it out for you but:
E X H I B I T I O N G A M E trying new stuff out in those doesn't hurt, like instant reply.
Country: if your talking about what I said about American system being the best, becase it's divided in to two houses, one to rep the states and the other to rep the population, I'd like to see most large counties do that like Australia, not just Canada. As for more provinces, WHO DOESN'T WANT THAT? I like to see more states in Australia (remember Capiconia(sp?)?)

borders: I like to see them expand and get Alaska, yes, some on here want Canada to annex the Turks and Caicos.

Flag: well, not until Alaska joins up (where you think it does or not is your opinion), the current one is great and it reps the french (looks like the tri color), English (has the England flag colors) and Native Americans (Maple Leaf)

quite frankly, my right to free speech has gone out the window on this site, so I'm not going to talk about rules anymore until I get a relpy from Mr. Wright. agreed?

one last thing though does the Commonwealth Stadium field look like this? I'm curious if the end zones look like that. I tried to find a pic of the endzone in Edmonton, but I couldn't get one that was as clear as this. If the end zones are like that in Edmonton, but cut off, I'll drop my rule proposal.