According to CBS SPORTSLINE - I Quote -
" Timmy chang was always overrated.he was a system
guy and that is why he had such outrageous stats.
He wasn't mobile and he was far from accurate.
many people overlook the fact that he also holds the
I saw Chang play a lot and you could always count on
him to put up huge numbers.the problem is, you could always count on him to make mistakes too. if he
didn't have antthing down field,he couldn't scramble to give his receivers more time to get open so he
would end up making terrible passes into coverage.
that's why timmy chang was never drafted!! end Quote"
Any Comments on this???????????

My only comment is hopefully, for our sake and his, he has matured and learned enough to usually know at this point when it might be ill-advised to throw the ball rather than take a sack or dump it out of bounds or to a secondary receiver.

[quote="Earl"]My only comment is hopefully, for our sake and his, he has matured and learned enough to usually know at this point when it might be ill-advised to throw the ball rather than take a sack or dump it out of bounds or to a secondary receiver.[

I'm sorry to say at this point I'm still not
happy with our QB situation. I guess there isn't
alot we can do this year other than trial and
error like last year until we realise we need
to make a big trade for someone experienced.

Who exactly wrote that critique? I think that would go a long way towards appreciating if this is worth anything or some useless piece of pap. The TiCat braintrust seems to be very happy with him and that is all that matters to me. Not what some Boise State fan thinks of him.


Who do you suggest then? Who should we get?

Yes he threw alot of int’s but his senior year stats are good 38tds and 13ints from 29tds and 20ints his junior year. When you throw 60 times a game and the team knows youre gonna throw passes will get picked off.

I asked that question on a NFL board and this is the answer I got.
(He wasn't anything special in NFL Europe. Accurate on short to intermediate passes, the occasional bad decision. Average athlete. He didn't look worse than Drew Henson, but then that doesn't say much.)

If I recall correctly alot of great CFL QB's never got a chance to stick in the NFL, so what makes u think Chang wont fall into the same category the CFL thrives on players that "arent good enough for the NFL"

can look good and get the job done, but cant scramble and throws way too many interceptions. hmmm, remind you of anybody?

Sheesh, I'm really beginning to think I'M the PROBLEM ... from what I remember of Timmy Chang is a NOODLE ARM, that BENEFITTED IMMENSELY from the SYSTEM he played in.

I'm not sure June Jones (his college coach) even knows what a RB is ... I remember Timmy CONSISTENTLY threw 50 times A GAME ...

So ... it wasn't JUST ME !

To put it BLUNTLY ... this move, in PARTICULAR, has made me a LITTLE DUBIOUS of the GM ...

I will, however, RESERVE FINAL JUDGEMENT until after Training Camp.


P.S - I find it CURIOUS how some in here can get ALL LATHERED up about a QB who was AVERAGE (at best)in NFL Europe, while SIMULTANEOUSLY applauding the departure of a QB that ACTUALLY EXCELLED there !

Cause the one that left threw a pick every other pass

Someone who throws less interceptions!
why does edmonton have to do our scouting for us?
I will wait anyway until T.C. before I make any
final conclusions on these QB's

I also agree that waiting for training camp is key here. I would prefer to wait to see how Chang acclimatizes himself to the CFL game before anointing him or throwing him under the proverbial bus.

The inflated interception totals have to be taken in context with imflated pass completion and passing yardage totals, too. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The “run and shoot” can become “run and ‘sheet’” in a hurry with a QB who can’t make plays on a regular basis. Simply put, it is barely organized chaos at worst, IMHO. QBs often take a battering under a run-and-shoot system(Matt Dunigan under John Jenkins here in Hamilton a prime example in how it turned out).

Warren Moon excelled in Houston running the run-and-shoot for among other things 1) he was Warren Moon and 2) a line with Bruce Mathews and Mike Munchak anchoring it was positively scary. QB Condredge Holloway also did well under Mouse Davis’s work as OC in Toronto. Moon and Holloway were exceptional for their athleticism and ability to throw on the run – prime attributes for that system.

Chang certainly set records in the NCAA – pro and con. His case is a little like Brady Quinn’s now on the verge of this year’s NFL draft. As Quinn was able to be immersed in a fairly complex pro-style offense under Charlie Weis at Notre Dame, Chang had his baptism in fire in a run-and-shoot fest under June Jones while at Hawaii. What IS clear to me is that the experience of running a high-octane passing attack in college can only be an asset for an aspiring CFL QB. It cannot be said of Timmy Chang that he is a relative “bubble boy” in terms of facing pressure. Being the focal point of a run-and-shoot system is the kind of on-the-job training that comes in handy for the next great bullet-dodger CFL pivot to come.

Does Chang fit that bill? We shall see. All I know is that I’m a little more optimistic re his upside than I was with, say, Timm Rosenbach. LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


As a Boise State fan, I saw Chang play a lot and you could always count on him to put up huge numbers.the problem is, you could always count on him to make mistakes too.
Who exactly made this quote that started this thread? A Boise State fan in a forum? It just says "according to CBS Sportsline." If that is your opinion, just type it, you don't need a fan in Idaho to back you up.

I have never heard anyone say that Chang was being handed anything but a chance to compete. We acquired another QB in Butler who has CFL experience to compete as well and Richie Williams got valuable game experience late last season. And if Maas is healthy, I believe he will rebound as well.

And Charlie has a history of developing QBs so with Maas and Williams back and the acquisition of two new QBs this off-season, I would prefer to see what happens in TC.

The phrase "system guy" makes me shake my head. No system will work, let alone excel, without players that have the talent to play within it and take advantage of its design. Not every run and shoot offense has been a success.

Slagging the guy because his stats resulted from a pass-happy offense is just as dubious as thinking those stats will immediately translate into CFL success.

I don't think Chang should be annointed our new starter or anything yet, and will wait to see how he fares in camp. Right now he's got potential and that's about it. But isn't that the type of young player you want to see on the roster? Would some of you rather we hadn't signed him at all?

Ty, 'system guy' is a fine label to place on a college player. Chang has yet to prove anything as a pro and does not deserve a hundred threads, while our real future q.b, Rocky Butler (remember him?) gets no respect at all.

Umm or could it be the fact he is a little on the short side!? I know its not a reason for the NFL to NOT sign him! but it could be a mark on his name if you will! and yes im aware that Flutie was short!:stuck_out_tongue: but thats why he usaly got the " short" end of the stick in the NFL!

And that was my point - he has yet to prove anything, positively or negatively, but he's got better credentials and potential than a lot of the QBs who have come through Ticat camps.

Butler is in the same boat, IMHO. So far the only team he really proved anything against was us. I respect his potential just the same.

Compared to some of the other teams in the league, our QB situation isn't as bad as many think it is.

It could be that just like it took a few years for black players to be accepted at the QB position, Chang is trying to overcome a stereotyping problem in attempting to be accepted as an Asian capable of playing in the NFL. Even in the CFL, I can think of only Brian Chu in Montreal, HOFer Normie Kwong of Calgary and Bill Hatanaka of the Ottawa Riders and that's it.

It looks to me like Hamilton is set up pretty nicely at QB if Maas can bounce back from a dismal 2006. Maas starts, Williams who has had some CFL experience backs him up and Change is developed for the future. Too bad Danny Mac isn't available to coach the QBs. He'd be ideal for the job.

An Argo-Cat fan

If Charlie Taaffe thinks Timmy can compete
for one of our 3 or 4 QB roster spots

that's good enough for me.

Other have pointed out Timmy Chang's negatives,

I prefer to dwell on Timmy Chang's positives. Prospect Profiles

"Chang is a lean, but athletic passer
with a very quick release...hmmm

...Chang has the ability to recognize coverages...hmmm

...When he sets his feet in the pocket,
he throws a tight spiral with good velocity...hmmm

...He has the speed and balance to avoid the pass rush
and buy time and will step up in the pocket...hmmm

...He has adequate arm strength to throw deep...hmm.

..Chang plays with poise...etc.

sounds like an old Cat qb and future hall of famer who lead us to our last Grey Cup - Danny Mac

mistakes and interceptions happen....he is young and with the right coaching and maturity the interceptions will decrease and with the right o-line you do not need to scramble. I think he will become a great third stringer and hopefully develop.

3 fairly young qb's pushing each other for the starting job can mean nothing but offensive numbers