Had a great long weekend relaxing with my wifeand the pets at the cottage and started my annual debate about getting into an Officiating Mindset.
Have a quick read, for an insight from a USports Official from the Maritimes.
Look forward to seeing all my fellow Zebra’s, Coaches, Players, and even the Fans soon.

Excellent missive…glad to see another zebra on the boards.

We’ve got our annual “get ready” seminar Saturday…CJFL starts Aug 3 in Chilliwack, Langley and Kelowna…and so it begins again. I’m in season 17 as an official and 55th season in the game overall…it’s been quite a ride and as long as this well aged carcass can carry me, I’ll be in stripes.

Good luck with your season! Stay safe…one our guys got very badly hurt last year after getting run over in a HS game…

Thanks to all of you. I’ve been there, Black and White and never right.

Thanks for having a read!!! I love being an official and with No CFL team in the Maritimes YET!!! USports (AUS) is the highest level of Football out here.